Friday , November 27 2020

It is busy finding a girlfriend and it goes viral

In the author of the recording she defines herself as a feminist, explains that she "hardly has any contact with drugs" and that she is white, but not in the summer.

A man in Malaga (Spain) identified as Rober Martín Rodríguez, 42, recorded a video to find a partner and uploaded it to the Internet where it has gone viral because of the way he has to show on his hair that appreciates in the shared recording this Friday by a Twitter user.

"I choose women 12 years of age or 12 years younger," Martín explains in the recording and emphasizes that "he has almost no contact with drugs", even though he says he does not like them because they weaken and he tries to improve mentally and physically.

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Likewise, it emphasizes the "galante" which defines itself as a feminist This isof the white race, "except in the summer"when you burn. In addition, he also emphasizes that he practices sports as well as "intelligence, culture, philosophy and education".

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During the curious speech that records while walking down the street, you do not stop repeating the phrase "look at my hair's magic" while looking at the camera and hitting the hair, which he defines as "jet black". This gesture is the one that has provoked the laughter of internet users who have massively shared the recording and even parodyed it in other videos.

Source: Actualidad RT

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