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It was registered to go almost 300 km / h on the Rosario-Córdoba highway and it went viral

February 11, 2019

A user makes a video on YouTube that shows his "feat". The driver made a 12 kilometer stretch for three minutes and 26 seconds.

A man was shot on a motorcycle of almost 300 km / h on the Rosario-Córdoba motorway and its recording went quickly viral.

The recording begins at the beginning of the highway, where it is observed as The bike accelerates to the bottom and begins to dodge everything in its path. The speedometer goes up to almost 300 kilometers per hour in a cut with no obstacles in sight.

After twelve kilometers at the entrance to the city Funes, the camera turns off a time of three minutes and 26 seconds, five times less than normal.

The video was uploaded by a citizen Funes in your channel Youtube. But this Monday, after the film went viral, the user decided to remove the publication. The portal InfoFunes He managed to reproduce it before it was removed.

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The driver runs a motorcycle mark Kawasaki ZX10R. It starts recording with the speedometer at 50 km per hour, and in a few seconds it reaches 200. The peak speed reaches the middle of the movie: almost 300 kilometers per hour with the deserted highway.

In the middle, It is seen zigzagging and dodging cars and trucks in a very reckless way, with overhaul prohibited on any highway in the country. Take the exit Funes in less than three and a half minutes. At the allowed speed, the section is covered between 15 and 18 minutes.

On the part of the highway where the video was recorded, The maximum allowable is 130 kilometers per hour, ie less than half the engine speed during the video. The highest penalty for speed in the province is 30 thousand pesos.

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