Monday , January 25 2021

James Allison, Nobel Prize in Medicine: "Cancer will not disappear, but immunotherapy will improve"

The therapies willing to cancer treatment they offered significant progress in the health of patients. Immunotherapy is one of these methods that revolutionized this field. The immunologist James Allison, one of the Nobel Prize winners in medicine 2018, confirmed that cancer "will not disappear as a health problem" and even though the immunotherapy it was awarded "will be better"Emphasize" on prevention and healthy living habits. "

Allison and the Japanese Tasuku Honjo developed a whole new method of treating cancer, where stimulates the immune system's capacity of the body to attack the "tumor cells".

Thanks to immunotherapy, significant advances have been achieved in the treatment of cancer as "melanoma with metastasis", this does not work in all types or in all patients, and therefore the studies in this promising field. The immunologist believes that "Cancer will not disappear as a health problem"but there will be better ways to fight it, even though the winner of Frontier of Knowledge Award emphasizes prevention because "most cases" of lungs and even melanomas "are due to the lifestyle."

Long term expectation

Immunotherapy will be better, he says, and "in the long run, it will end up curing almost all melanomas, a lot of lung cancer, almost all kidneys, and others may be as good." Melanoma, where immunotherapy produces good results, has many mutations and immune system "it is easier to attack them"but in the case of tumors like glioblastoma or pancreatic tumors, with many myelide cells," we have not seen any effect ", why research continues.

The expert does not agree with the doctors who say cancer is going to happen "manageable" disease – considering that it can never be considered cure – because in that case patients feel that they always look over their shoulder if they can return.

With immunotherapy, "At least with melanoma, if you resist for four years, it will not turn back"And it's necessary" for a moment to feel cured, even though they need to be checked from time to time. "

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