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Jimena Barón debuted as a driver and Nicole Neumann hit the break – 02/11/2019

Jimena Barón made his debut as a driver in the bike Cut by Lozano (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 2:30 pm) as a replacement for Veronica Lozano, who took a few days off.

The actor was very relaxed and with his characteristic humor throughout the program, which, among other things, had a fun interview with Marley. but his debut was a little damaged by unexpected lack of Nicole Neumann, usual panelist in the bike. What happened?

Much had been speculated in the foregoing dissatisfaction with the model with which Barón takes the reins of the program during the absence of Lozano. First, because Nicole was expecting her to be her natural replacement for Lozano.

Another theory stated that they are water and oil, since both They have different thinking positions, as their opposite views on the legalization of abortion. The singer advocates the Decriminalization Act while the blonde is identified with the Provida group.

To this it is added Nicole is currently in a relationship with Matias Tasin, ex Baron. However, the two previously interpreted that there is no difference between them in this matter.

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The truth is that Nicole, who was on the bike until last Friday, missed Jimena's debut. And she didn't let it go. At the start of the program, the brand new driver asked after the presentation: "Guys, visual consultation because I count … I am missing someone on the panel, I say. There was a blonde who was always there. Until Friday, he and today Monday I notice an important absence, "he ironic.

"Can anyone tell me what happened to Mrs Nicole Neumann? What is the reason for this emptiness and this strange reception with this absence? "he asked with a little discomfort.

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And it followed pure irony: "I heard rumors that there was not very good vibes with my replacement of Mrs Veronica Lozano, which would be very strange because here in this study I am connected with my ex-boyfriend, it goes very well. It would be very strange to think that there are really bad vibes with me that I was more than generous, "he said, referring to Tasin.

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Before the style of the rest of the panel, Jimena continued: "What is the official version? I asked in production and there is silence. In makeup I said the name and there were crickets. He went on vacation, he came back and now he goes back … Monday. "

So far, Nicole, who had told her a few days ago bugle that he had no problem with Baron and that he would participate in the program, not make any statements and his return to Cut by Lozano It is a true mystery.

It should be noted that in the last time, the cycle of Verónica Lozano reviewed some changes to the members. Lizy Tagliani has just left her position as a panelist to focus on her own entertainment program. The fair price (Fax at 11.30). And in August last year Connie Ansaldi also threw the door After learning that she would not be one of Lozano's replacements in driving.


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