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Jorge Lanata and his series on corruption K: "I think the fear of this giving them is incredible" – 06/02/2019

The crack came on Netflix. Military Kirchner began a campaign against the digital platform before the possibility of issuing a series of Jorge Lanata on corruption in the governments of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner. But the journalist himself did bugle He still doesn't know where to start and notice: "I find it incredibly fearful that gives them that we do this."

The audiovisual production in question is called "Greed" and is based on two of the most resonant causes of recent times: "The K-money route" program emerged "PPT"The Lanata and" Los Cuadernos de la Corrupción "that exploded in 2018 thanks to the annotations of Oscar Centeno, the driver of Roberto Baratta, formerly second in the extinct Ministry of Planning.

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After a note by journalist and author Mempo Giardinelli in the newspaper Página / 12, where it was assumed that the series was broadcast by the popular platform, several social networks were users threatened to terminate their subscriptions, claiming that the company "operates for the empire" and seeks to "influence the presidential campaign" this year.

"I do not finance journalistic mercenaries" was the reaction of the kirchnerist orthodoxy that promotes hashtag #ChauNetflix on Twitter. They also compared the Lanata project with "Mechanism", the Brazilian series broadcast by Netflix on the "Lava Jato" scandal with former President Lula da Silva, imprisoned for a year.

Before the start, the platform was abandoned by the rumors. "To avoid misunderstandings, Netflix was not or not involved in any way in Greed by Mr Lanata. Don't believe everything you read. Instead of #ChauNetflix, #HolaFalsoRumor, "he wrote on his Twitter account for Latin America.

The message from Netflix about

Netflix's message of "Greed."

Likewise, its own Lanata was expressed. "They're total delusions. No one said it would be on Netflix. I said you don't know if it will be on Netflix or elsewhere. We are talking to several manufacturers but we have nothing closed. How can I refuse something I didn't say? " bugle.

"The page / 12 note said I was in the United States, editing the material and I'm still here, in Buenos Aires, just working on the script. Facts disappeared, it doesn't matter any more, "he added.

On his project, the journalist said that "It is a fiction based on real events. We are in pre-production Casting has not yet started. " And he ended up, "I find it incredibly fear that gives them that we do this".

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