Saturday , November 28 2020

Jorge Rial and the sad moment he lived with one of his daughters

Jorge Rial gave details of the hard time he lived with one of his daughters. This happened when he went through a civilian crisis with his former wife, Silvia D & # 39; Auro.

Jorge Rial and Silvia D & # 39; Auro ended their marriage in late 2011. This separation generated a large stirrer on the small screen And it is until today that the conflict is on everyone's lips. The journalist and his former wife started a media war ranging from assault to redundancies in the courts.

Days after the controversial separation, her daughters Rocío and Morena decided to move away from Silvia and go live with the journalist because of the bad relationship they had with their mother. So Jorge publicly told a bad moment that he lived with his family.

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"I remember Rocío drawing a picture in front of her psychologist a while ago in the midst of the crisis of marriage. First, he took an island and then a very large sun. also to Paka, our labrador bitch. We were all close to the palm tree, "Rial wrote in his autobiography" Yo, el peor del todos. "

"A little far into the sea, she took Silvia with water up to her neck. The psychologist looked at the drawing and asked: "Isn't it too deep in the ocean? I think it's going to drown." Then Rocío took the rubber and hit some of the water around his neck. Just a little bit enough, he doesn't choke. He didn't include her on the island with us. Neither near them nor near me. Not even close to Paka, "he concluded.

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