Thursday , December 3 2020

Julián Serrano praised the beauty of a participant in the dance: "It seems to me very fachero, but I'm more banana than him"

Julián Serrano and Sofia Morandi They were in Los Angeles in the morning to talk about what their initiation was at 2018 Dancing.

At one point, the century brought the relationship between Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza and the seductive power of the dancers.

"That Mauro works very well for me"He interrupted all Julián Serrano. "He bites his lip a lot when he dances", observed Lourdes Sánchez.

"Do not you think it's the banana?"asked Andrea Taboada. "I think I'm more banana than him. I see him a quiet guy. I've always told Sofi (Morandi) and nico (Merlin, the coach) it was fachero. The shape of the face is half-square, like Hollywood, " analyzed serrano.

Mauro Caiazza in action

Mauro Caiazza in action

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