Friday , December 4 2020

Lady Gaga, in pure luxury: she wants to use a guitar with 11 encrusted diamonds

Lady Gaga must always speak. When it's not for their scary clothes, it's because of their massive shows. Now he will return to the cargo with a well-known musical instrument, but made with his seal: will play a guitar with more than 11 encrusted diamonds.

During her late-year show in Las Vegas, the singer will take the stage with the exclusive design specifically made for her.

How to report the agency DPAaccording to data from the German luthier Jens Ritter, who was responsible for the construction of this instrument called "sandokan" and which relates only to eight copies. And the image of the instrument? Guarded under seven keys: It is first seen during the show.

The price of this guitar, whose diamonds come from the famous Swarovski house, amounts to more than $ 54,000, clarified its manufacturer, who has already designed models for other artists such as. Prince and George Benson, among other.

Lady Gaga performs on December 31 at Park MGM Hotel, the former Casino Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, as part of the permanent show she performs there.

War of divas

Madonna accused Lady Gaga of copying a sentence she said in the 80s at a press conference of her movie A star is born. "There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them do not believe in you but all you need is one to change your whole life "was the deal the singer used"Bad Romance".

This disturbed the queen of pop who took the discussion into social networks: she uploaded a video with a fragment of the note – in loop – made in the 80's with the same words.

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