Wednesday , January 20 2021

Laura Fidalgo had difficulty with Mirtha and left the table live

Laura Fidalgo was one of the guests this afternoon on the program Mirtha Legrand, but he had to leave the table because it broke down.

The dancer warned La Chiqui about her bad health. "I'm getting a little dizzy, I grabbed here, I got it right, but in the dressing room I began to feel bad" He said, at the start of lunch, broadcast by El Trece.

"Take a little wine to see if it's good for you," Mirtha told him immediately.

"No, no, I wanted to bowl, but it's not time. I just took a sublingual because I had nausea"Excused Fidalgo himself and apologized to mention him at the table. "Something about talking that I'm trawling between the cameras", he added.

Laura Fidalgo broke in the program by Mirtha Legrand

Although the dancer's ex-jury relies on feeling better to pass the protocol, then she had to withdraw immediately because her decompensation did not make her against the duration of the program. On the screen, one could see that the chair was empty.

Mirtha stated that Laura had to leave because she still felt bad. "Everyone asks us what happened to Laura. He felt bad, already in a dressing room he did not feel well. Nothing serious, but he had to go. I saw when he got up and it was not right. We sent him a kiss from here and he says he will come next week"Chiqui informed about Fidalgo's health.

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