Thursday , April 22 2021

"Left 4 Dead" will be 10

For 10 years ago, Valve threw "Left 4 Dead"It was generally considered not only as one of the best games in 2008, but also as one of the best cooperative games all the time and a defining generation's classic." 10 years later, people still celebrate feberishly the game of zombies, and also ask the series to come back.

Established during the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, the game confrontes four "Survivors" against hordes of zombies.

We will leave you the trailer to remember these 10 years:

In addition to the single player mode and four-player cooperative campaign mode, the game included an online mode for eight players and a survival mode for four players. In each mode and AI, nicknamed "Director", the controlled pace and element placements make each round feel dynamic and fresh. And unlike many games, none of the different ways were available.

But what it finally did Left 4 Dead so good was what seemed like an endless repeat. Arrives during the apogee of the popularity of the zombies that probably packaged the entertainment without damaging it.


Left 4 Dead are in Xbox 360 and PC. It's an equally amazing sequel, Left 4 Dead 2 (which arrived a year later) are on the same platforms. Unfortunately, there are still no news about Left 4 Dead 3, but there is hope.

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