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Lewis Hamilton's anger with his team in full swing in Australia: "Why did they stop me so early?" – 03/17/2019

Lewis Hamilton He finished second in the Australian Grand Prix. But the British He did not feel good in that position on the podium. The title of the title was overtaken by his partner Mercedes Valtteri Bottas in the first few meters and could not hold onto the first place. Especially after a pit, the five-hour world champion is rated "early".

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With Bottas several seconds ahead and with Sebastian Vettel as reference (Ferrari pursued him), Mercedes played his cards for the visit to the pit lane and for changing tires. Only on the 15th round did German enter. And immediately they sent Hamilton for detention for the middle links. However The Englishman did not like the decision of his team.

"Why did they make me stop so early?"protested the British from the cabin when the 23rd step passed and was behind Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) who had not yet stopped. And in front of everyone, 32 seconds behind Hamilton, Bottas led the way and just got ready to go through the mines.

Lewis Hamilton raises the trophy to second place at the Australian Grand Prix. (AP)

Lewis Hamilton raises the trophy to second place at the Australian Grand Prix. (AP)

The problem was, according to the same driver, that the entrance in the first part of the race forced him to take care of the tires in the last laps. "Dækene they had 10 more laps than the rest, not There were chances to get the fastest round, "replied Hamilton after the race when he was asked if there were chances to hold the extra point given to the owner of the fastest tour.

The irritation did not end there. "It was a good weekend for the team, they all did a good job. Let's talk to engineers, I'm a little frustrated, " it was unloaded when it was directed to the podium, where this time it occupied the second step in front of Verstappen and behind Bottas.

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