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Lionel Messi: a little football and a worry – 06/02/2019

Lionel Messi changes the scenarios naturally. Edit everything. Before the match whether he plays or if he goes to the bank or if he wants to see him from the roost room. It serves the detail: just before this first leg in the Copa del Rey's semifinals, in Camp Nou, where there was little or nothing about the presence of crack Rosario, the Catalan club showed the local lockers and the captain's tape. ten o'clock.

"Do you play?", they asked themselves in the corner of the historic arch-rival. It seemed. And about the detail for some time that lasted 20 minutes, worries and analyzes became the tissue. That Santiago Solari should include Casemiro, who was to make a personal mark with his favorite soldier, Marcos Llorente and all etc. Could come in less than half an hour.

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Messi was not a starter. He was sitting on the bench. He played after only 27 minutes. He didn't score. The fight against Real Madrid ended 1-1, and everything was resolved in the vote on February 27 in Santiago Bernabéu.

but The short moment reached him to get all the attention. More: before and after he was also the central protagonist, whether he played or not. Seen with Argentinian or Catalan eyes or the world. Omnipresent. As a Maradona of the internet times. His performance created enthusiasm with two initial appearances. His last stretch was a concern.

Did the intensity improve to not complicate recovery days? Messi suffered a contracture on the right adductor on Saturday against Valencia in the League. Coach Ernesto Valverde let him decide. As usual with him. He played that little bit.

First, it showed its influence on nominal. He came in and Real Madrid started playing almost within the Keylor Navas area. But it didn't reach its crack mark. Barcelona does not offer – for Messi or with him – his best version. On the other hand, Solaris Real Madrid did not avoid him. White dress decided get dirty and add their eleven players behind the line of the ball.

There was a fight before Messi. Without Leo, the development was not comfortable for cules. In 6 minutes Jordi Alba could not cut a center, Karim Benzema threw a relapse and Lucas Vázquez defined – impeccably with a touch of magician – to Real Madrid 1-0. It was the quick confirmation of a more explosive start of the white house fighting at the Camp Nou. As in Zinedine Zidane's days.

Vinicius Junior, the new jewel in the world's most master team, exclaimed its quality in the beginning and could have expanded the score, but ended up sinning selfishly and forgiving the local defense. Since then, Barcelona began to improve. It took inhibitions from above, and it was.

It wasn't magical realism, just a detail: Messi rose from the bench ten minutes into the other half and almost immediately came Barcelona moves. Luis Suárez ended from the left with Navas dropped, Sergio Ramos took it on the line and Malcom defined. One by one Messi shouted a little and smiled a lot.

Eight minutes later he came in. And at that time it remained what Pep Guardiola would define "The fucking master". Even without offering Messi mode. The whole party started turning around him.

However, there were two other main characters. Two children One on each side. Vinicius on one side. And Malcom from the other. "If Vinícius dares as such in his first Classic …", the newspaper Marca from the event. "Malcom, with its limitations, already contributes more than Coutinho", points out the second highlighted title. But of course none of them changed two brave Brazilians – the game. Not before. Not under. Not after. All this is a matter of Messi.

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