Friday , January 22 2021

Luciano Caceres and Juana Viale: We found out that we are couple

Hours ago, Ángel de Brito in his program showed it Juana Viale and Luciano Cáceres Not only do they share work at La Feliz, but they also start a loving relationship.

"The romance takes place in Mar del Plata, she is VIP, the cover of all the magazines, he is an actor dedicated to theater and television, both are a sweet, seductive bomb … He is Luciano Cáceres who is only She is Joanna Viale, they will deny me, but they have a relationship, I do not know if it becomes official, but they are in love or in love. " said the journalist.

The truth is that Cáceres is director for 40 days and 40 nights working in childhood of Mirtha Legrand and also co-star in Juana in the sunset El Ardor.

Today in the afternoon, in confronted, the actors annoyed the information from the journalist and laughed at the situation: "We are very happy, recently aware that we are in a couple for a while and enjoy all this love that moves us, but we still have not declared ourselves but happy."

So at the time of denial Cáceres took the word: "We are re partners, we have been working for a while, we also share a life together with all our comrades."

In so much Juanita, it didn't get crazy about the joke: "With Lu, I'm completely in love, I'm waiting for you to tell me if I want to be your girlfriend, ha ha", he said.

Finally, Luciano recalled similar cases in the past: "They've already given us a romance another time so it's part of the case". Do we believe in them?

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