Monday , January 18 2021

Luciano Cáceres revealed in PH a heavenly moment while his mother was dying

Luciano Cáceres told one of the most exciting experiences that were told at the table by Podemos Talking, leading Andy Kusnetzoff: the death of his mother and the angel who came with her.

"I believe in the universe, and I believe in the angels," said Cáceres, before speaking.

Days before his mother died, the actor acknowledged being angry with her to decide to give up the treatments of his illness and to choose "alternative therapy and reiki".

"The truth is that it was my mother's best year, but she fell in a coma, and she repeated me because I had not done all the treatments," she said.

The woman fell in coma and left several times. One day when I got into the room, my old lady was like that (she made a gesture as if she held a person's hand) and said, "I hold on to my angel, a 50-year-old lady, very tall and very white, called love ".

And every time I visited she was "very relaxed and very happy, always pointing out where I was (her angel) instead".

Her mother asked for the person who made her reiki, and although she managed to find the specialist, her mother fell back to coma. "He does not leave he leaves," the doctors told him.

But when it learns that Reiki came into his room and then left, he told the actor: "I can not do anything you have to do."

"He made me pass, he did something for me that I did not really know what he is (he moved his hands). My old woman did not move four days ago, but when I put her hands on it, moving she her legs, arms, open eyes … it was an experience, "he recalled.

Then Cáceres realized what would happen and said goodbye to his mother: "I told him," grab your angel, you made us very happy "and he left."

The emotional experience of Luciano Cáceres with his mother.

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