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Lung cancer, causes that do not involve smoking: your doctor

the smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke is not the only reason for lung cancer According to National Cancer Institute, there are other factors that we can face in everyday life as well radon and some other elements that are included in earth.

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Other causes that increase the risk of lung cancer

Exposure to radon gas

It's an odorless gas, it's in it land and rocks, even in the dirt areas. A high exposure to this gas increases the risk of lung cancer

Asbestos (asbestos)

Asbestos is a set of minerals that are resistant to heat, fire and chemicals. It is used in building materials, mainly it cement. These fibers may be housed in lungs cause inflammation and cancer.

Lung cancer

HIV infection

People with this virus are more likely to develop different types of diseases. Among them lung cancer, due to the weakening of immune. They may even have major complications.

Exposure to carcinogens

Certain chemicals and substances used in different work environments and industries are usually associated with increased risk of lung cancer. Among them arsenic, nickel, beryllium, cadmium, tar and soot.

Inhalation of smoke

Exposure to large amounts of diesel and related For long periods of life, the risk of lung cancer increases by up to 50%.

This risk increases one third more in people who use wood stove or fireplaces to make their homes warmer during the winter season. Even those living in areas with high gas levels NOx, produced by cars.


In addition, air pollution has a role in the risk of developing lung cancer. This depends on the amount harmful gases Who breathes daily So living near a highway or in a big city increases the likelihood of lung cancer.

Lung cancer

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Lung cancer is a preventable disease, you only need to avoid exposure to the above mentioned substances. It is also important to stop using tobacco to improve lung health.

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