Thursday , January 28 2021

Macri already in campaign mode: he blessed his own candidate and targeted at 70 years of celebration

The president offered two radio interviews, claiming his passage through Casa Rosada, highlighting his favorite political letter: the polarization with peronism. other than that expected Cambiemos to have his own candidate in the next governor election in Neuquén.

For now, Macri said 2018 was a "very hard" year. However, the president stressed that "for the first time we passed that storm and did not throw everything away" but "we grabbed the helm, we held the course and we will comply."

We learned and we understood that seventy years of celebration does not come to three "(Mauricio Macri)

In this context, the president said that "we grew" because "we learned and understood that the seventy year party does not come in three", in what is interpreted as a clear shot by raising peronism by power.

In radio station declarations in Córdoba and Neuquén, the President stressed that his "occupation is to get Argentina to move again, to start growing, to lower inflation and return to employment and reduce poverty."

campaign mode

Mauricio Macri is on holiday since December 22 at Villa La Angostura, Governorate of regionalist Omar Gutiérrez, head of the Neuquén Popular Movement (MPN).

Noting what will be the first provincial general election of the year, the president took advantage of his steps to promote that the candidate for Change of Neuquén governor "will certainly be (Horacio)" Pechi "Quiroga", the mayor of the capital.

But despite his style, the head of state highlighted the work with Gutiérrez, whom he will see next Monday. "We work very well alongside Omar Gutiérrez, we convert Vaca Muerta from a promise of reality," he said.

It is worth remembering that the president these days was beside the governor of Rio Negro Alberto Weretilneck as part of the inauguration of the extension of the Cordillerano gas pipeline in Bariloche.

Financial balance in 2018

In what is interpreted as its balance last year, the President said that Argentina had to go through "two hard things" like the drought and the commercial war that broke out between the United States and China.

Macri himself also reiterated that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) opened a creditor for Argentina "unprecedented" in the international context so that "for two or three years we can finish the process of deep transformation" in the country. "Without the fund, we would have been much worse," he said.

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