Tuesday , January 26 2021

Márcico: "I have river fans who change this Libertadores against Boca because they do not go down"

Juan Román Riquelme was the one who installed the debate if whose The main battle of the river in its history it was final by Copa Libertadores won for Boca in Madrid or the fight against Belgrano in the Monumental, which set aside the descent of National B.

"If River-Belgrano was the most important game for them? It's hard to put yourself in someone else's place, they will be happy, but I with all the respect they deserve and give a sense of the outside, It's not the same to play a hand-to-hand battle to win a cup than to play a hand to hand or not. The difference is a lot. It's not the same that you are playing a Cup Final to see if you are the best, or end others or if you play a game like those with Belgrano if you go down or not; it is difficult to comment because we have never had to be in the place where We never live this situation, and I never wish we touched ", Said the idol in dialogue with Fox Sports Radio.

The term Riquelme, which triggered the debate

He added: "That's how you accommodate it; If you ask the Boca fan, say the most important thing is the victory against Real Madrid, We are lucky to live in these years. The mistake was that we were so ambitious that we asked Russo to go aside after losing to Milan, it does not have to be a mistake to lose a cup final. "

One day later Alberto Márcico, another of idols of the story of Boca, collapsed with Roman and even went beyond. "I totally agree with Riquelme that the main game River had in his story was with Belgrano and in his right. "

In communication with Football 910 of Radio Network, "Beto" denied that he was a Chicana and said, "I have friends, there are river fans who tell me," I am changing Copa Libertadores not to go down ". Thus, the most important game that River played in its history was on the river's area against Belgrano. "

"Within three or four years, they can play a final of Copa Libertadores, and they can change the story because Boca can win it fun, but descent no. Boca never left because something is the greatest of all, because he never went to descent, "he closed.

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