Mars One, the ambitious mission that sought to find the first human colony on Mars, it has ceased to exist. Civil Court in the city of Basel, Switzerland, declared bankruptcy of Mars One Ventures, dissolve it on January 15th.

The dream of Take a trip to Mars without a return It has disappeared for the more than 100 finalists elected nearly four years ago. Mars One was a private mission by Bas Lansdorp, a Dutch entrepreneur who believed he could fund with one reality the complex task of putting people on the red planet.

Initial plans showed that it would be 2023 the year in which the first man was sent to Mars for its colonization. Despite being around a suicide missionThe selection process received over 200,000 applications from around the world, of which only one hundred were approved.

Mars One had a movie picture

Mars One He was in the middle of the controversy since his announcement. Lansdorp's project sounded more like fiction than reality, and I did not hesitate to express it Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MY). The US institution listed several gaps in the proposal from the private company and rejected the idea that new technologies were not needed to colonize the neighboring planet.

Not having innovative mechanisms to build the colony, control the oxygen or melt the water of the poles – to name a few – the mission was doomed to failure. MIT said so Many of these technologies have not been built to test its use in a space mission.

The second controversial point in the mission is that Mars One Ventures planned fund a $ 6 billion project using a reality show where they would show the colonization process. If the idea of ​​basing the mission on Mars in existing technologies sounded unlikely, financing it through television advertisers was beyond reality.

Despite the fact that funding has been obtained in another way, the idea of ​​Bas Lansdorp has been discarded. the Plans to colonize Mars are now in Elon Musk's handswho founded SpaceX with that goal in mind.

A few weeks ago, CEO of SpaceX revealed Starship, the gigantic test rocket that is expected to take us around the moon and later to Mars. According to Musk, 2024 is the year in which the first humans will be sent to the surface of the red planet.

If the SpaceX tests are positive, we can witness this milestone.