Tuesday , March 9 2021

Meizu should start a phone with an SD 8150 and it would be one of the first

2018 still has one and a half and Qualcomm shows no signs of introducing its new high-end processor: the reputed Snapdragon 8150. But before that happens, it seems that Meizu should start a phone with an SD 8150, converted into the process of one of the first manufacturers to achieve it. This is especially curious because it is said that next Snapdragon will have a 5G modem, technology like Meizu He has explained that he prefers to avoid until he is refined enough.

In addition, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 will be the first Qualcomm chip to be manufactured with 7nm technology, making it possible to perform drastically better and more efficiently than processors manufactured with 10nm technology or higher. In any event, Meizu would start a phone with an SD 8150 in early 2019 and there is already reason to be happy with the Chinese company.

Meizu and Qualcomm:

Meizu is one of the companies that started working exclusively with Qualcomm, the North American semiconductor manufacturer, back in early 2018 when members of their exclusive contracts with Chinese smartphone manufacturers were selected.

However, while other Chinese manufacturers made use of its exclusivity, Meizu has chosen more MediaTek chips once more, possibly due to the low cost. If it is true that Meizu and Qualcomm are working to make one Flagship is equipped with the newest high-end chip, this may be the beginning of a Meizu trying to reach the big leagues of smartphones.

Meizu should start a phone with an SD 8150 or Snapdragon 855, but this SoC stops being commercialized. Yes, it is completely unknown when we expect to announce the Meizu flagship phone that will honor this equipment, and it is unknown what will be its commercial identity.

via: Gizmo China

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