Tuesday , November 24 2020

Metal Gear tape director was impressed with Death Stranding

since Death Stranding It was announced in E3 2016, there has been a veil of uncertainty about what the story has to offer. But in recent months, some have been lucky to try out some Hideo Kojima games. It was recently Vogt-Roberts, the film's director Metal Gear Solidand his impressions were positive.

Through Twitter, Vogt-Roberts let his followers know he had the opportunity to play the next installment of the Kojima Productions studio. In the publication, the director praises the work he could prove. "Hideo Kojima let me play Death Stranding! The world is immaculate on another level. It's like breathing the core of Kojima and Shinkawa, "excited about creativity.

He also said that when he played it, he came to a mind like what he had when he saw Mad Max: Fury Roadwhich made him wonder how it is possible that miracles of this kind exist. "They're not ready for this!" He warned the fans.

The statements from creativity give some peace to those who have followed the game very closely, so even though Death Stranding It already has some trailers, they are so ambiguous that fans fail to decipher what the game's goals will be. Remember last year, Vogt-Roberts had already expressed his opinion on the pictures that will be shown Death Stranding.

What do you think of the impression of Vogt-Roberts? Are you one of those waiting for the game and looking forward to more information? Tell us in the comments.

In related news, Hideo Kojima will have more celebrities in the game, but that doesn't mean he will legitimize his work through them. In turn, Vogt-Roberts has recently arranged a campaign for players to share with him various memories with the series Metal Gear, on the occasion of its 31st anniversary. He also reminded fans that the film will respect what Kojima created.

It is expected that Death Stranding be an exclusive PlayStation 4, but still have no release date. You can read more about the game in its file.

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