Thursday , January 21 2021

Mouth broke the clarity of hours on Fan Day

Today, it will be an important day in the Boquense world, because it will be held at La Bombonera on Fan Day. Fanatics are expected to manifest publicly after the painful defeat against the river, and the weapons will certainly point to the management of Angelici. The tickets were sold in full and a packed stadium is expected.

In that context, the first was to break the silence of the final words of postpartido Barros Schelotto, Darío Benedetto, the subject of ridicule in the last hours of the gesture he made against the young defender Gonzalo Montiel, when he scored partially 1-0.

"As I more than say, the only thing I have left is to thank my colleagues, the whole Boca world, for all the way I've traveled." Nahitan Nández Boca Defender

"They filled the field to see us and the streets say goodbye, in debt for not reaching the goal, but with more love than ever for the shirt and the colors." Darío Benedetto was the first to express himself.

"They filled the field to see us train and the streets to say goodbye to our trip to Madrid. You owe not to reach the goal but with more love than ever for the shirt and these colors," said Pipa on social networks.

Another of those who demonstrated was Nahitan Nández, one of the favorite players in the team for the fans of Boca and undoubtedly the figure for runner-up in Madrid. "Moments like these are the words over and, as I do more than to say, the only thing I have left is to thank my colleagues, the whole Boca world for the whole journey, to have left everything forever," said the defender Uruguayan . Likewise, Instagram, Cristian Pavón said: "I have no words to thank all those who supported me. It's sad to end up like this, like this. I know we left everything."

Today is a special day for Boquenses. Under the slogan "From Mouth more than ever", the xeneize community already plans its mass in Brandsens temple to show support for the institution and the colors it chooses to wear.

From 14, La Bombonera will open its doors and various events will be developed, such as the finals in league potrero and partner cup and various live shows.

Tomorrow: The president of Boca, Angelici, will meet with the current coach, Barros Schelotto.

They offered to renew the contract

Vélez's president, Sergio Rapisarda, admitted that he offered the coach Gabriel Heinze to extend his link to the institution, which ends in June next year. He did it in the middle of the rumors, which put Gringo as one of the candidates to lead Boca.

"We talked to him last week and these days. We are planning the preseason and next semester. We are happy for what we achieved, we went from lower to higher, and we achieved goals, such as getting out of the relegation zone and strengthening Clubs boys, "he said.


"To me it was more painful to lose with Independiente"

Juan Román Riquelme responded to Marcelo Gallardo who had said that the river had won the most important battle in history when he beat Boca in Madrid, but the former Xeneize player did not agree with the millionaire and clarifies: "That's not what the same play a hand to hand game to win a Copa Libertadores who plays a heads-up if you come down or not. "

"It's hard to put yourself in someone else's place, they must definitely be very happy, they have won and they're going to celebrate," said the tenth and maximum idol xeneize, adding: "But with all the respect they deserve and giving an outside opinion, I do not think it's the same to play a final of Copa Libertadores to see if you're the best or you're finished second or if you play a game like it was their turn with Belgrano if you fell down or not. "Román also did not want to go deep into his statement but said:" It's hard to comment because we've never been in that place, and I hope it never touches us, "he said. And he told me what was the battle that hurt him most: "To me it was more painful to lose with Independence del Valle than this final one."

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