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Nahir Galarzas anger with the young man wishing to visit her in prison: "I feel he is seeking fame and not knowing me"

"I knew who she was on television." I called her name, and when she turned around, I caused her to call her. She smiled and nodded, we talked on the phone, and I never cared about what was said. We didn't give a kiss. "

Before the interruption of the call, the young woman was sentenced to death to kill Gustavo Pastorizzo with two bullets on December 29, 2017 in Gualeguaychú, revealed: "He didn't keep his word, he told me he wouldn't talk to the media, I feel that with this attitude he is trying to be famous and not know me."

Caudana is 20 years old, like Nahir. He was acquitted in a trial where his father was sentenced to 12 years in prison for drug trafficking.

His lawyer, Augusto Lafferriere, confirmed Infobae that his client will not give more notes. "He called me to tell me that Nahir was angry because he had spoken to the press so he decided not to give any more interviews; in fact, they had to know each other, because until now they were talking on the phone and seeing each other in passing , "criminal said.

Why did you refuse to know him? Infobae asked Nahir.

– I didn't know him! I saw it once and they were second. It is also my private life. I'm not an actress I'm not from the show business. Nor am I in love, neither do I, nor do I have a boyfriend. I can say that today.

"They invent so many things that it would take a whole day to refuse them", Nahir Galarza had said from a fixed telephone number to the Women's Criminal Case No. 6 in Paraná.

Matías Caudana met Nahir when she was transferred to the dentist. "We met one day that she was taken to the dentist, Nahir came out of the nurse and we passed by because they took me to see my grandmother who is in the same prison as her," Caudana explained. people.

"He was shot when he saw her and didn't care why she was sentenced"Lafferriere said.

In her trial, Nahir Pastorizzo said she was not her boyfriend. He also said he dated other young people.

"She didn't like the boy going to talk to the media, she's disappointed and a little angry. Are you interested in her or known? Now, all the programs began to talk about this problem, and that puts it bad, the fear, "a friend of Nahir said.

Caudana now asked to come in as a visit from Nahir, who until now did not respond if he accepted the request. Visitors days are Saturdays and Sundays. "As he was acquitted, the previous permit was invalidated, so I now treated the admission as a guest", detailed Lafferriere.

He also said that his client worked as an ice cream dealer for his father and that he never sold marijuana or cocaine. And that he is studying tertiary as a system analyst.

For a month he spoke with Nahir by telephone. And they met.

The exclusive interview with Infobae

On December 9, Nahir gave an exclusive interview to Infobae, where he did not rule out falling in love. "I was never," he revealed in the discussion.

-How do you spend your days in prison?

-I try to live now, not stay in the past or what will happen. I'm trying to live to concentrate on what I'm doing now, because if you don't get depressed if you think about the past every day, why are you here, what would you do outside at the moment, or what would have happened if … you fall into depression, you do not live.

– Do you think at one point that this is what you live for?

– I think everything is happening for something, and I think if it wasn't here, in prison, it would be in a worse place.

– What life wouldn't be.

– What happy moments can you remember about your life?

– The anxiety came only in recent years. I was always … I don't know, I was laughing at something, I was always happy, I made no problem for anything, for minimal things. It was more to think: "Well it happened to me, I don't know there will be a solution". I always think positive, it was just years when I was sad.

– Both in the trial and in some departure from prison you are criticized for smiling …

– Sometimes I smile with nerves. But I do not want to know … I am forbidden to smile in shame. The truth that bothers me that some people do not believe. That they only see something and buy what they sell to them. That they do not sit in the other's place, they do not care about the other being a person, they do not mind that the other person also had their problems, their lives, with their grief. It happens to everyone. Don't have compassion.

– What did you feel when they called you demon or monster angel?

"It bothered me that they played so much that nobody cared about who I was, what really happened to me. Everyone bought what they were selling and they didn't care about anything. I wanted to swallow the ground. I went through everything Together, and nothing went well, nothing new, nothing good. The only thing that made me move forward was my family, I always had the support of them, they never condemned me, they made me move on, I think everything has an answer that everything is happening, that everything can be searched for a solution.

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