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Nati Jota after his operation of lola: "I weighed the appearance of others" – 11/14/2018

"I do not care if you talk about my breasts, because I'm the first to do that"He pointed out Nati Jota in an interview with the newspaper people. And it's not too minor, especially after the insurgency that was generated when he said he should Use lolas to remove size.

The journalist highlighted the note why she made the decision: "I lived limited and I did not question it. Just to name a few examples: to go to work I always had the same clothes; when he went on vacation I had to send me to measure the body part of the bikini because I did not have to cut; and for gala or parties I could never wear a dress without back or with finite bands because I needed something that would keep me. Yes, dressing was complicated, that was a problem. Well, I also felt the eyes of others"he admitted.

In addition, he referred to the post he had made where he assured it "There are people who will see me in my face for the first time" and how much rebellion caused: "I wanted to put some humor on the situation, to be dramatic."

And she explained that "I never used a lot of cleavage, but I had tight shirts, so what happened to me was that when you walked down the street, I felt it attracted a lot of attention … and I was ashamed. As if that was not enough, all this affected my position: always bent over and in pain. "

Nati Jota uploaded a funny video with Migue Granados, which he called ...

Nati Jota uploaded a funny video with Migue Granados, which he called …

Nati also sent a funny video on her Instagram account – she has more than a million followers – with her partner in ESPN networks Migrate Granados, as he named "Types of People Responding to My Operation". Together they played in a parody of four situations, which they called: "Who does not want to see", "Who does not realize", "The one who dares not say that" and "El Desubicado", where they recreated fun situations.

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