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New flavors to offer | Diary of Cuyo

Bodegas y Viñedos Casa Montes continues to surprise with its new wines in the successful "Fuego Negro" line which first came out in 2014 with varieties and in 2016 with the first blend. This time it was the turn of blend red -Petit Verdot-Malbec autumn 2016– and a white –Sauvignon Blanc-Viognier, vintage 2018. Two exponents already talking about their particular characteristics and also having an unbeatable price / quality ratio (about 180 pesos).

From its origins, Casa Montes stood beside its variants from the Pozo de los Algarrobos, Caucete, which it added that it burst into the market with one of the first Petit Verdot presented as monovarial numbers throughout the country. This time, and to reach more palates, it is accompanied by another prestigious: a Malbec de Zonda.

Both manage to continue the spirit of this line, which is to design young wines, easy to drink, with a subtle touch of wood, all the characteristics that make them suitable for any occasion.

The confectioners of Petit Verdot can already imagine that this blend has more color and complexity accompanied by Malbec's subtlety, where both mouth and nose are an explosion of aromas and flavors.

"It's true that it has more complexity and color, but maintains its softness and roundness so it's easy to drink," says Pedro Pelegrina, the wine producer in the vineyard for a decade.

Undoubtedly, this cut goes well with spicy red meat, pasta with well-seasoned sauces, or why not, to drink it only at 14 or 15 degrees while waiting for food.

White lovers, or those who want to begin to perceive aromas and marked flavors, while soft, fresh and easy to drink, are on the market Sauvignon Blanc-Viognier mix. A pleasure for the senses, and ideal for the summer season. Both grapes are from Pozo de los Algarrobos.

The intense and wild flavor of the Sauvignon blend in perfect harmony with the Viognier, bringing fruit and its incomparable aromas. A couple tempting to accompany fresh summer meals, but also drinking it only on hot days.

Pelegrina, who is a lover, not only of good wines but also of good food, tasted different interconnections and fell in love with how she accompanies "fish with overflowing vegetables and the pasta-even with red sauces".

Always on

Black Fire It is the line of Casa Montes wines that has gained an important part of the market. It all started in 2014 when the company decided to narrow the gap
value among its brands and placed Fuego Negro over the traditional Ampakama.

First, varietals with the prerequisite of excellent quality at the best price. How was Fuego Negro Malbec born; Cabernet Sauvignon; Syrah; Chardonnay; Viognier Dulce Natural, and not a sparkling wine for the celebrations or just for when you want a bubble. There could also not be missed a viognier who brought him so much satisfaction with the vineyard and his followers, so he also joined the line.

The brand's success didn't stop there. In 2016, the first mixture was born: Cabernet Franc – Malbec. This was the first penetration of a wine "more structured than variants of the same brand and with a piece of oak, some barrels and rods." Fortunately, the acceptance of the public was also very good, so now he decided to add the two new blends, "Pelegrina says.

Alzamora, family friend

In an effort to make more choices in wine preferences, last year Montes presented the Alzamora brand with two varieties, a Malbec and a Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a line of more powerful wines, with passage through barrels – nothing invasive – and always respecting the presence of fruit.

A golden Torrontés

Torrontés of the Ampakama line Casa Montes received a few days ago one of the ten gold medals – the only one to San Juan – awarded in the XII edition of the Evinor competition in Chilecito, La Rioja. It's an export wine, so unfortunately we can't currently enjoy the premises.

"It is a Torrontés de Pozo de los Algarrobos that really surprises with its wild notes while protecting the flowers and sensations of Torronté's grape. It has a very good end of the mouth that does not become bitter. It is excellent, really to be surprised, "explains Pedro Pelegrina, wine producer at Casa Montes.

This wine has the final destination of the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany and China.

More than a hundred samples of Torrontés from La Rioja, Salta, San Juan, Mendoza, Tucumán and Neuquén participated in the blind tasting conducted by the prestigious Evinor jury.

This meeting is held by the Riojan Agricultural Producers Chamber (Carpa) and with the support of the La Rioja Government

The other nine medals of Torrontes wines, the insignia of the Argentine Republic, were for: Cafayate Cosecha Tardía, from the Etchart vineyard, Salta; Chico Zossi, from Bodega Zossi, Tucumán; Deseado wine, from the Schroeder vineyard family, Neuquén; Lorca Fantasia, Lorca winery, Mendoza; Collovati, by Javier Collovati, La Rioja; Domingo Hnos. Reserva, Vineyard Domingo Hnos., Salta; Bicycles 2018, El Esteco Winery, Salta; 7 cows, Las Arcas de Tolombón vineyard, Tucumán and Torronté vineyard Finca Riojanas, La Rioja.

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