Wednesday , January 27 2021

"Now I can tell you" | María Del Cerro reported that …

After dramatic dismissal of actor Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthes and within the framework of the struggle of the feminist movement to reveal the macho tradition of violence against women, model María del Cerro revealed that she was "mistreated when she was 11 years old". He did it in full transfer of ShowMatch, the most watched program for Argentine television and repeatedly asked to promote sexist violence.

"After what happened to Thelma, yesterday morning, we began to talk about Meme (her husband) question, and now I can say that," said Del Cerro minutes before joining the contest Dancing for a Dream, led by Marcelo Tinelii . "I was encouraging to tell him that I had sexually abused at the age of 11," he revealed.

The actor's inventory also surprised the main characters and the public who experienced the transfer of the program live. "No one knows neither my dad nor my mother. Everybody is learning at the moment," he continued. He said that since the termination of Fardin against Darthes "I could not stop thinking" about what had happened to her in childhood and assured that "all of this was very strong for me".

"I'm responsible for talking to all the women on the other side of the screen, all mothers who have young children. Although I was a girl who was recontra care, it happened to me and could happen to all women and I It seems time is time for all women to say, so it never happens again, "he added.

The immediate reaction of all his colleagues was to go and hug her. They surrounded her and shouted with her. Despite the delusion of Del Cerro and the pain of his complaint, the program went on, even though it was less high compared to the usual one.

Then actor Jimena Barón, one of the characters in the artistic environment, most recognized for her engagement in the fight for gender equality. "Thelma, Mery, All: We must go out and talk to free ourselves from psychopaths, addicts, rapes who in addition to raping us, abuse and do all the barbarities they do will keep us calm by getting us to be insane, "he said. The applause of the present.

"Lots of it. Let's Talk We're All. Believe us And if they do not believe in us, we do not break because we're together and it started to stop," said Barón, who expressed solidarity with his competitor and admitted that he could not "find out now and here" about the abuse he had suffered. . Minutes later, the dance contest and the phone call continued, leaving partner partners out of business.

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