Sunday , January 24 2021

Officer: Fernando Gago broke his right Achilles tendon

Fernando Gago lives one of his worst moments in his football career after suffering a new serious injury that will take him away from the courts for a while, maybe forever, at least as a football player.

"Pintita" he became injured in the second part of the extension of the Copa Libertadores final and He left his team with nine players in the last minutes of the game. The Boca Juniors Twitter account published the official medical section: "Ret Achilles Seasonal."

The Argentine midfielder chain a series of unfortunate accidents for those who spent more time between cotton and rehabilitation than in competition. Most of his episodes stamped against River Plate.

In July 2013, after spending six months on loans in Vélez, Fernando Gago arrived at Boca Juniors, from Valencia, to contest his second stage in the box xeneize. From that moment the boy from Ciudadela He arrived at the club with a tear There deprived him to debut with the blue and yellow shirt for five dates.

2014 arrived and a ligament in the left knee before Columbus almost leaves it without the world, who could finally contest after a quick recovery. However, four months after the event began its history between damage and flood platter.

It was in one Superclásico for return of the Copa Sudamericana semifinal, where Gago came out after 41 minutes for the first time after having a distension in the right adductor. That ended in 2014. 2015 was not improving.

September 13, 2015. Boca Juniors traveled to Monumental for the River Plate for the local tournament. The midfielder started and jumped into the field where It was only 24 seconds when he fell on the ground after having a tear in the left beds. The recovery took six to seven months.

Gago closed another year at the hospital and 2016 would not treat him well either. April 24th the Xeneizes They returned to meet Millionaires, this time at Bombonera. At the end of the first half, In 40 minutes the wheel was cut again the same Achilles tendon and should return as a starter on 27 November (seven months later).

The Boca Captain became the best and became the team's figure to the point that began to sound like a candidate for the midfield for the selection of Jorge Sampaoli to the World Cup in Russia in 2018. But a new injury would fall on him.

On October 5th, 2017 came from the bank to play a couple of minutes against Peru. "I broke the brothers," said Boca player Lionel Messi in Bombonera. At the end of the confrontation, the injury on the inner knee joint in the right knee was confirmed, which required four and a half months of inactivity.

2018 was a test of fire for Gago after There was rumor that the last injury would end his football career. But one month after being 32, he returned to the ring. In March, he received medical discharge But a release in the ligaments of the ligament repaired during training gave him once more marginalization.

The mooring season in Miami in July was also a fake step ago He could not finish the fight against Miami United because of a tear and he had to return to Buenos Aires.

At the end of the year, the physicist returned to send a bill to Fernando Gago. The players entered the field 89 minutes into the game to replace Pablo Pérez and he was unable to finish the 30-minute period. "I broke my mind," he warned when he left and left his team with nine players after the former expulsion of Wilmar Barrios.

The Argentineans have to put their priorities back on the table. Damage has him wrong to bring, and his body warns him. He wants the last word and what he decides to do will be accepted without "buts" in the blue and gold club.

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