Wednesday , December 2 2020

Official: The emoji part mate will arrive this year to cell phones

It's official. The emoji part mate expected by many Argentines will reach social networks and communication platforms in 2019.

The incorporation of the emblematic infusion It had already been informally confirmed: The Unicode Consortium, which is responsible for the standardization and approval of these graphics, will in principle publish the announcement on March 5.

However this event was expected and along with 229 other emojis, the buddy will have room in this virtual library. The remaining incorporations include a cardboard with juice, an ice cube, a waffle and even a flamenco.

The campaign to bring friends to mobile phones was perceived in 2017 in an event called Media Party. Since then, the group has been composed of journalists Florencia Coelho, Santiago Nasra and Daniela Guini; illustrator Martín Zalucki and designer Emiliano Panelli had to go through a complex selection process, which included the presentation of a 41-page document to Unicode.

Among the many arguments outlined, they mentioned its energetic and healthy characteristics as well as its social aspect and the fact that it is a language of exchange at regional level. They also emphasized that several popular references like Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi or Pope Francisco, are good at this drink.

Unicode receives more than 1,000 emoji offers per year. The selection committee consists of more than 30 judges, including experts from among others. Microsoft, IBM, Google and Apple.

There is not yet a confirmed date for emoji's appearance, but it is known that the first series of the 230 selections will begin to be available from the same March 5. During the year, the various platforms will adapt the different images and activate them globally . After much waiting time, the companion will be one of them.

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