Tuesday , August 3 2021

"One of the biggest events of the year": Meteor the size of a refrigerator illuminates the US sky (VIDEO)

And a meteorite size of a refrigerator He plowed through the night sky in the city of Cambridge (Minnesota, USA) on Thursday, stunned by its residents.

The object entered the stratosphere across the city's area, crossed the sky with a blue light, which flashed and then disappeared near Harris, in the same state, said the meteorologist Pat Branch to the local newspaper Star Tribune. The object's flight, the size of a refrigerator, according to the medium, was seen in an area of ​​more than 80 kilometers extension.

According to the branch's statements as they pass over the Earth's surface, the meteorite fell several rocks The size between a pea and a grape and the affected area has more than 3.2 square kilometers.

"It is very unusual," he said, stressing that it is "one of the year's biggest events".

On the other hand, several residents in the area where the meteorite was visible shared their impression of the event. "I saw a blue light bright enough to do mine trees became blueas if massive Christmas lights were suddenly in them, "said a citizen identified as Michael B on the nonprofit American Meteor Society (AMS) site. The man said what was seen was"fascinating and impressive"and indicated that about three minutes after he observed the meteorite there was a sonic boom.

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