Tuesday , January 26 2021

One producer would file a new complaint for violation of Juan Darthés

actresses Ana Coacci, Natalia Juncos and Calu Rivero They publicly admitted that they were victims of harassment Juan Darthés. Thelma Fardín was the last to condemn she was raped by the actor during a press conference held on Tuesday by Actrice Argentina's collective.

Raquel Hermida, a lawyer counseling Coacci, revealed that there was a new case of a young woman who would further complicate Darthé's situation: "There is another girl who does not belong to the actresses world but to technical workers who led an abuse with carnal access "Hermida said.

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In a telephone interview with Fabian Doman for the bike Os in the morning, the lawyer gave more details: "Now she is treated psychologically about 90 days ago for faces the signing of a complaint that has already been made. but We need the psychologist's ok to present it".

Hermida was also in unwelcome guests Talking about this new victim, who "I was 18" when he lived this traumatic episode with Darthés. And he emphasized that the girl gets psychological restraint because it is important to "have emotional stability" to complain about this style.

She also said that they wanted to bribe her so she would not continue to advise any of the complaints against the former protagonist in Ugly Duckling. "They offered me money not to represent the victims of Darthés, I explained that he did not represent any of them because there is no legal reason to represent them. Neither Anita Coacci nor Natalia Juncos: we have no reason to represent them because she was never informed".

Like the facts that were already written, Rivero, Juncos and Coacci could not terminate the actor in Justice. At the moment Juan Calu sued for "injuries" after his former colleague Sweet love I will publicly terminate it for abuse. And this Thursday, a preliminary hearing will be held in the Courts of Comodoro Py.

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