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One year after his death, Marcelo Bonelli, Mario Massaccesi, Sergio Lapegüe and Gustavo Tubio remember Débora Pérez Volpin

She loved herself. And much therefore, those who were companions of Débora Pérez Volpin they do not stop remembering it with love. Everyone agrees to define it as "a being of light", none of which had anything bad to say. And so today, one year after their absurd death, they refuse to accept the idea that the journalist is no longer in this world.

"Every morning I remember Deborah. I still don't understand his death"he admits Marcelo Bonelliwhich was ordered for 12 seasons – along with her – to awaken viewers from the bike Top Argentines. And in dialogue with telecommunications show, adds: "I remember her with the joy that involved finding her every morning to do a job together. She was a great companion, a good friend, a great mother, a great woman and a great professional. Deborah is the light of a being, and I say it in the present because I feel it present. I did not meet anyone who spoke ill to her because she radiated light. It was beautiful on the outside but it was very beautiful on the inside. "

But there is an open reason to seek the truth about Peréz Volpins death. That's why every morning I ask for justice so she can rest in peace, "says Bonelli," so those responsible for her death pay for it, and then those of us who want it can at least find some comfort. "

Débora died on February 6, 2018 in San Trinité in La Trinidad, Palermo, while practicing an endoscopy. After this, Both the endoscopist and anesthesiologist who participated in the intervention were prosecuted for illegal death and awaited trial..

"He stepped into the sanitary sound and, according to what Justice says, for a bad procedure died," notes the journalist. He had everything in front of him, and life was shortened unexpectedly and unjustly. For this reason, with the entire program team, we ask that the court stop playing and that all delay acts must be implemented. Because it is logical that defense lawyers try to postpone things, but what It is not logical that the judges lean on it".

In his beginning as a chronicler, Débora met Gustavo Tubio, with whom in addition to the scholarship managed to forge a good friendship. "We met at the age of 20 when TN started", reminds Tubio, "I was his producer and we made many reports together and each time became professional at his side. we became friends of life and i was his marriage witness".

"There was a great love, and when we could try to be close, she started very early in the morning and I worked in the afternoon, so sometimes it was impossible for us to see each other, but we always corresponded because we loved each other a lot. I still don't understand that he has left, that's something I still can't assimilate. These are hard days because you always remember the one who is not. But I am one of those who believe that the people whose souls had light, as is the case with Deborah, still have it, even if they are in a different plane. And it They vibrate every time you remember them".

Tubio also stressed the request that those responsible for Deborah's death be convicted and condemned. "The fight is now going through because I am very afraid that the Court has not finished that is as if nothing had happened. And the truth is, everything happened here because there were two boys without their mother who miss her all the time and they need her. And there was a man who was taken out of the person he loved most in the world. "

Débora was in a couple with Harry Quique Sacco and had two children, Augustine and Luna Funes, fruits of his previous marriage with the cameraman Marcelo Funes. They are currently in charge of conducting the trial to determine what really happened to the journalist and who is responsible for his death.

"This It was not an accident, it was not a fate of fate, however there was a blatant error. And therefore the guilty must pay. Not for revenge, much less, but to do justice and prevent something as big as what happened to Deborah, to be repeated in other cases, "concluded Tubio.

On the other hand Mario Massaccesi Recognizes that it is still "impossible" to accept that "Débora is not". "She didn't die for me: she's still present," she says. It's hard for me to assume that he's no longer with us, at least on the physical level. Even today, I did not fall. But I think it's also a good way to keep it alive: Do not speak in the past, but talk in the present. And remember her every day. "

Mario tells it He still keeps a message on his mobile phone, which Debora sent and asked him to come and drink coffee. "The remained forever forever. She wanted to talk about life problems and some projects. And I never deleted the talk because somehow I feel this meeting will be possible. I don't know, maybe it's because I learned about his death in Madrid, not in Buenos Aires. And at that moment I was petrified. It was a very strong shake. But now, what we have left the comrades is to continue to claim justice for her for her family and for those who love her very much.

Sergio Lapegüe He also showed his pain and anger over the unjustified loss of his channel partner. "I think it's a lie a year has passed, I think it's a lie I have to talk about Debora, is no longerAnd I think it's a lie that a healthy person has gone to do a medical examination and has been dead. It's very sad, really, "he said.

And then the driver off On and off She took a moment to remember the journalist and said, "Débora is … is … How do I continue to say it? For me it seems like all this was a dream … In short, Débora is a great person, a good friend, one who I was always worried about the other. The first thing she did was ask you how were you and how was your family. She has always been very generous with all her companions and with me. And no doubt she was also a great mother. I still have the same unforgettable memory that will remain forever: a person with compassion and passion for their work, for their friends, for their family. "

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