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"Only" Agüero: Romario "the pigeon" who continues to break historical records in Premier but feels indebted to the national team

The British press base at this time, if Agüero is the best foreign football player in the history of the prime minister (who started playing in 1992 with this format) and they compare him with Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona or Thierry Henry.

A study released by Sky Sports TV about the best forward in the prime minister's history, it indicates Agüero shares second place with Henry behind Shearer. Ex-9 in Blackburn and Newcastle have the best goal record of 260, followed by Wayne Rooney (208) and Andrew Cole (187). Aguero (160) is the only active and could overcome this year Henry (175), fifth and four times top scorer of the tournament and Only, and. But the Argentine was never awarded as the best player of the year and only once entered the ideal season.

"I'm just trying to dig why Agüero didn't have more awards and I wonder if it might not be because he's a score," said former midfielder Jamie Carragher, but Souness claims that "he's not Henry he could grab a ball about 30 meters away, do wonderful things and set it at an angle, he has less ball-pointers, but they are all in the danger zone, they are destructive touches. "

Agüero won three league titles with Manchester City where his fans greet his movements with a Ser-gi-ou, Ser-gi-ou, like CR7 and Henry, two, but Cantona won four and a fifth with Leeds in the old tournament of the old first division. In addition to Premier League football players with more than 50 goals, Agüero has the best average, with an every 107.62 minutes before the Egyptian Mohammed Salah (109.56).

As well Sky TV it was raised, it BBC London also wondered Only It's the best in history. This year he has converted 17 goals in 23 PL games, 1 in 2 by Capital One Cup, 2 in 3 by Champions and 2 in 1 by Community Shield (19 in 28 games). In 2008 and 2011, he was selected from among the 23 players to strive for FIFA's Golden Ball. A total of 715 games in his career, he scored 394 goals (although in 581 he was a starter and in the rest he came as a substitute).

With all these numbers loaded in his mordant body of 30 years (measuring 1.73 meters and weighing 77 kilos) Aguero goes through one of the best moments in his career in England, although in almost all of his country's polls, the answer is that he should not return to the national team, which may be contradictory or perhaps his green kryptonite (or blue and white).

Agüero (2/6/1988) was born in Piñero Hospital in Buenos Aires. His mother, Adriana, was 18 at that time. She was transferred from a hospital in Greater Buenos Aires because she did not have enough items for a delivery that produced complications. He is the second of seven brothers. His father, Lionel Del Castillo, came to play in San Martin de Tucumán's reserve. When the two parents were under 21, they could not write it down with their father's surname, so they used the mother's name. The two had arrived from Tucumán a year earlier, already with their daughter Jessica. Lionel used to earn a few pesos to play for neighborhood teams, for his good technique. Two of his brothers are Gastón del Castillo and Mauricio Del Castillo.

The nickname Only is a distortion of the Japanese comics "Kum Kum", which aired on the state television channel, where a cheeky Stone Age child lived with his family and friends at the foot of a mountain called Kum Kum (the original name of Anime was Wanpaku Amukashi Kum Kum) and the beloved boy. At that time, Sergio was two years old and that was when his family moved from González Catán to Florencio Varela, and his parents became friends with Chetti, who gave him this nickname.

Later, Agüero moved to a small, simple house in Los Eucaliptus, on the border of Quilmes and Bernal Este.

His first step in football was in the humble clubs of Loma Alegre (Quilmes) and Los Primos (Berazategui) and for 9 years he came to Independiente, the club of his lovers, where he was champion of Prenovena and ninth division. The kid off red they were responsible for Mencho Agustín Balbuena and Néstor Rambert. Back then, his brothers Daiana, Gaby, Maira, Mauricio and Gastón were born, they moved to Quilmes Oeste, then Only He started getting the first income for his talent.

Along with goalkeeper Emiliano Molina, one of his best friends from his early days, Only He won Apertura in 2002 and was second in the Novena Clausura, and it was impossible to believe that he could make his debut in Primera Division only one year later the following year. It was already represented by the international company IMG, which perceived its technical conditions very early.

His debut came on Clausura 2003's last date against San Lorenzo. Your DT was Oscar Ruggeri. He came in 24 minutes of the second half of Emanuel Rivas in a game without great importance, the two teams with many substitutions, but there was something interesting: Agüero was only 15 years, a month and three days, and therefore became the youngest debutant in Argentine football history. The previous record was held by Maradona, who later became his father-in-law in 1976. The other important characteristic of this party is that it meant the immediate farewell to Gabriel Milito, an idol of Independiente who left Spanish football.

"We went to see the inferiors and no one could take it out, in the central back was the Chilean Olarra and Franco, and they couldn't stop him, I told him nothing tactical so he wouldn't get mad," I said & # 39; come in and have fun. I want you to do what you do in training, face it and not be scared. & # 39; And guachito knocked it, uh … ", reminded the last days Ruggeri.

But after this game was not taken into account, even by Osvaldo Sosa, the next coach, but everything changed when José Omar Pastoriza returned to the club. So he returned to playing seven months after his debut against Cienciano of Peru for Copa Libertadores 2004. Precisely was the youngest debut in the Cup story, although this record was exceeded three years later.

Independents' leaders had to put him back on track when the star's first death stroke appeared, and he had Ismael as an adventurous companion Chuco Sosa, another promise from the club that ended up emigrating to foreign football.

It took about a year to gain ownership, perhaps because of the continued changes to DT in Independiente. After Pastoriza, Daniel Bertoni and then Pedro Monzón arrived. His first goal came in the 2004 Apertura tournament against Estudiantes (La Plata side won 2-1) with a shot from outside the big area. The ball went to the upper left corner. He continued alternately and with César Menottiwho began to say he had "Romario thing" in his movements he played the last three matches in 2005 Clausura.

His real explosion was with Julio César Falcioni, in the 2005-06 season. He came from being a youth match in Holland with Lionel Messi, and when he returned he played 36 of the season's 38 games, missing only two for suspension and scoring 18 goals, even though he the memorable is the one who scored for Racing in a classic, 9/11/2005, by eluding Diego Crossa and joining several times before taking the auction. That day he scored two and Independiente won 4-0. He was expelled before Tiro Federal to manipulate a rival (the only expulsion in Argentina) and left to cry because he could not play an important game against River Plate. He was expecting to be called to the World Cup in Germany in 2006, but finally it did not happen (instead it was his teammate Oscar Ustari, of the same generation and team).

As the end of that tournament approached, smokers rose to a possible transfer to Atlético Madrid. He was reprimanded in Bahía Blanca against Olimpo and thus received the fifth consecutive yellow card that left him out of the classic with Boca, where he thought to say goodbye to the public. He left crying again. On that day he scored a penalty and he was ahead; "I think it was my last goal in Independiente", because after Boca & # 39; s game there was only one date left in Rosario against Central, and it was said that he would be called to the Tour of Hope in Toulon. But that didn't happen and he could play, but Independiente fell 2-0 and couldn't qualify for the continental cups. It was May 14, 2006 and a few days later His passport to Atlético Madrid was made official to 90 percent of the passport in $ 20 million, a record for the Argentine football and for the athletic one until that moment. In Independiente, he scored 23 goals in 56 games. With the money from his passport, Independiente was able to rebuild his Libertadores de América stadium.

If his passage through Independiente was meteoric, his youth team experience was remarkable. He was U-20 world champion in 2005 and 2007 (this last time he won the Golden Boot and Golden Ball)and already with other national teams was the Olympic champion in 2008 and finalist in the 2014 World Cup, Copa América 2015 and Copa Centenario 2016.

Before the U-20 World Cup in 2005, he met Messi. Since it wasn't looking at the internet, I hadn't noticed that it came from Barcelona. The physical trainer Gerardo Salorio had organized forty days of preparation and on the first morning, Agüero had lunch between Messi and Lautaro Formica, with Ezequiel Garay in front of them. They started talking about booties, and Leo mentioned some who had left in the US, and Agüero looked at him strangely. He realized he had never seen the boy in the Argentine competitions. "How do you call yourself?" and as Messi told him "Lionel," he said "almost like me". "Your last name?" "Messi" and when Only He said "good," Garay asked him, "What do you not know who he is?" "and at that moment I said" ah, that was this guy & # 39; and after a while in training I said "& # 39; this fly & # 39; and we hit wave right away & # 39;remember. They put them together in the room. "I established the company Only"Because they were the youngest in the group, they played perfectly at the playground, and I told myself that I could build a future duo for Argentine football," says Salorio.

"The first night we heard strange sounds, it was 4:30 in the morning, I was half asleep, and the phone rang, I didn't want press releases, I wanted everything to happen to me." I grabbed the phone and it was Only: "I'm scared, it makes a sound" and I: "I slept, swingers, nothing is wrong!" Of course, I was a baby I heard sounds and I was scared, "reminds Salorio.

"With Agüero we were loaded into every game of the game, the one who lost, some regret … When we really fought and we had to say" let's play but without charging ", Messi told the program "World Leo". "One is introverted (Messi) and the other outgoing (Agüero), but in the dialogue they are alike, they have a good complement, Leo is waiting to see what Only does, he is entertained, and is only amused to do him fun because Leo went through the concentration looking for moments that gave him pleasure, "defines Salorio.

They also did teenage things. "In the Netherlands in 2005, in the hotel below, there was a machine that sold everything: sweets, chewing gum, french fries, but we were forbidden to go and look for something, and 21 each had to be in his room. Only computer, sometimes we stayed until the deadline, but one night it Only He said "let's buy from the machine" and we saved stuff under Argentinian jerseys. It was 21 and 03 minutes and the elevator door opened and it was Salorio. the Only I didn't know how to protect that things didn't fall out. "Is the series?" Asked Salorio. "Yes". "We must do one thing and end it because it is ugly to take something out and throw it away, but they are the last to eat, huh, give it and enjoy it," Messi said.

One of the most difficult things that Agüero experienced as a young man was when he learned Molina's death in a traffic accident during the 2005 World U-20 World Championship. Again, it was Salorio who called him to tell him prepared to hold him.

With the Argentine team he had already played the South American U-16 in Paraguay in 2004 and played all 5 games for the semi-finals (eliminated by Colombia) and scored 3 goals. At the World Cup in Holland in the Netherlands, he was the youngest because he was of the next category age. He started as a substitute and DT Francisco Ferraro started giving him more space in the last matches. He entered four of the seven, always as a substitute, and did not score goals. In Nigeria, at the end, one of the two penalties was made to him.
Different were in Canada 2007 with Hugo Tocalli. He was more mature and captain of the team, played the 7 games as a starter and won the sixth crown for Argentina. He scored 6 goals, won all the prizes and became the third player in history to win two U-20 World Cups. He was inaugurated as "Golden Boy", by Tuttosport, as the best U21 European player.

The following year he was an Olympic champion with Sergio Batistawho played 5 of the 6 matches, although the most outstanding was in the semi-finals against Brazil (3-0), scoring two goals and making a mistake that Riquelme was responsible for finishing in the other.

On the contrary, in the National Team, where it is highly controversial, it never ceases to stand and had some damage and events postponed, such as arthroscopy just before Russia 2018, or a weak (and vomiting) that marginalized him from friendly to Nigeria in half an hour in Krasnodar, November 2017; He came to say after 2016 that it might be better for the coach to call other players, but then he changed.

He also had a rib fracture when he crashed into an entry in a taxi in the Netherlands when he returned from a Maluma recital and waited for important battles against Peru in Bombonera and Ecuador to go to the World Cup in Russia and was a month and half without playing. And in Brazil 2014, another tear. Salorio said he had "a very stressful year". Not only should we look at the physical aspect, but also in the psychic, and if the body is more tense, it tends to contract more and that causes injuries to become more feasible. After Nigeria, in Porto Alegre, there appeared a gene in the left thigh.

Aguero has already changed in the national team since 2006 when he was called by Alfio Basile for his debut against Brazil in London, lost Argentina 3-0 and he entered Carlos Tevez at the Emirates Stadium. He was invited to the World Cup in South Africa 2010 by whom then his father-in-law, Maradona, but he had little participation. At least he could make his debut against South Korea in the first round.

For 2011, Batista returned to him for Copa America. He had to make his debut in La Plata, at Lavezzi in the 70th minute, when Argentina lost 0-1 with Bolivia and scored the outbreak in 6 minutes and started as a starter in the decisive battle against Costa Rica in Cordoba. 3-0. where he scored 2 goals to get the pass to the quarterfinals. In Santa Fe, Uruguay (1-1) was eliminated on penalties, and Agüero was replaced by Tevez in the 80th minute.

He was the scorer of the Argentine national team in the Copa America 2011 and 2015 and in the World Cup in 2018but the strange thing is that in 3 world championships he only played the 90 minutes, against Iceland in Russia 2018 (1-1). Injuries in Brazil 2014.

"When we are not here, they will miss us. I always want the tower in the Brazil World Cup, I feel like I'm in debt. What is being said about us both hurts and hurts. You will always do better, but I can't do anything. I never went out to meet anyone because it's not my style. I'm still not the best way I'm fourth in the national team's historic scorers table. Millions of best players passed by and did not reach a final. Sometimes you don't know why, but the pressure is there and we felt more than anything in the Copa Americas two finals, "Agüero said after losing the third consecutive final in 2016. But he stubbornly added:" I know The new generations come, but if DT calls me, I will be there. "

An important Argentine midfielder came to the headline "Allá sí los hace" after one of his many shooters in England and as a complaint about the difference in performance between the Premier League and the national team where the six technical directors in six years he was placed as a classic center forward, left end or behind nine and did not have continuity in its usual position.

With Atlético Madrid he won the UEFA Europa League and European Supercup in 2010 with Quique Sánchez Flores. One can say that the passage through Atlético was very fertile and cemented future star in Europe. In the first season he played as a starter or substitute for all the games (42) and scored 7 goals, but the team was in a mediocre situation and finished seventh in the league and eliminated in the 16th Copa del Rey. On October 15, 2006, he had his goal "with God's glove" before Recreativo de Huelva, though no one understands why Only I wore gloves as the temperature was 20 degrees.

But for the 2007/08 season, Aguero, who returned to Atletico Madrid, was the one who had won the 2007 World Cup in Canada and his figure had grown. He helped qualify the team for the UEFA Cup and scored 6 goals in 9 matches, but was sent out to spit an opponent against the English Bolton Wamderers on the 16th final. He was out of rematch and the team was eliminated. In the league he scored 20 goals and was third in the scorers table and with fourth place, the aleti He qualified for the Champions League after 12 years of absence.

"Seeing Agüero is like visiting the Prado Museum", Anatolyi Byshovets, of the Russian locomotive, was surprised by the Argentine fight in a European Cup match. He then received the EFE trophy for the best Ibero-American in the season. But undoubtedly the battle that most fans remember, happened on March 1, 2008 at Vicente Calderón against Barcelona, ​​already in Messi's time when he lost 0-1 and two goals, a help for Maxi Rodriguez and one the penalty that they did with him and that Diego Forlán converted, they turned the score at the Camp Nou. The newspaper "World"He came to qualify the day that"a great football player, different, shameless, cool, indifferent to the circumstances and to rival, huge in gambeta, huge in deception, huge in definition. Tremendo Aguero, it Onlywho saved the team when he was dead and killed Barcelona. "Already the war was on Calderón "Only Only Only".

It was an athletic who gradually returned from the lost path in the first years of the 21st century after having climbed down to the other. Now it was common to qualify for European Cups and little by little, began to enter Champions thanks to stars like Diego Forlan and Maxi Rodriguez.
In 2009/10, the season could not pass the group stage in the Champions League and then went down to play the second cup, the Europa League, which ended up winning by beating Fulham in the final 2-1 with two goals from Forlán, and Same time reached the final of the Copa del Rey but fell to Sevilla 2-0. He also won the European Super Cup by beating Inter 2-0, and he scored the second goal. In January 2011, he was one of the captains of the team with Forlán and on April 30, 2011 against Deportivo in Riazor, he converted his 98th goal, placing him among the top 10 topscores in club history and ending that season He went to Manchester City for 45 million euros and signed a contract for 6 years to 9 million a year.

Two months earlier, Agüero on his site had expressed his desire to leave Atlético, creating great controversy with the fans, and some showed up in the tent near the Vicente Calderón stadium, so that management would not sell it to Real Madrid (It was He said he only went to Manchester City for a two-year stopover at the request of President Enrique Cerezo for Florentino Pérez, so there would be no direct transaction), but it never happened. In Atlético, 101 goals scored.

On August 15, 2011, Manchester City debuted as a replacement for Dutchman Nigel De Jong for the first date for Premier 2011/12. They went 59 minutes and won 1-0 to Swansea. Only 8 minutes passed since his entry and Only He had already scored his first goal and after a while he assisted David Silva for the third. Before the end, Agüero scored the fourth. His DT was Roberto Mancini. His start was spectacular, with 6 goals in 4 matches and already on September 10 had scored his treble against Wigan. The season couldn't end better. In a final infarction, after 44 years, the Manchester City Premier League, when considering the Queens Park Rangers with a goal for Agüero (3-2), postponed to their rival of the city, Manchester United, already enjoying another title. The Agüero goal was transformed into history and opened a stage of many conquests for the now lavish citizen club run by the United States' money. Shortly afterwards, the Community Shield won Chelsea in the early 2012/13 season.

With the arrival of Josep Guardiola, his place was threatened by some statements about the kind of 9 he was looking for, but it was later clarified. "Please stop asking Only Agüero. I've talked ten times on the subject, he's happy, I'm very happy. We are happy Ten times I have the answer. No more please, "the Catalan DT asked the press.

Pr. November 1, 2017, he is Manchester City's top scorerwhen he arrived at 178 with that shirt and finally went to Eric Brook. He won three Premier League, 2012, 2016 and 2018 and two League Cups (2016 and 2018). In the 2014/15 season, he was the top scorer in the Premier League by 26, and that year he reached with the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini from DT to the semifinals of the Champions League when he was eliminated by Real, Madrid. TB won the Community Shield in 2018. On August 19, 2018, he scored his 144th goal and entered the top 10 Premier League history.

He was married to Giannina, daughter of Diego Maradona, with whom he had a son, Benjamin (19/2/09 in Madrid). Between 2012 and 2017, he was in partnership with "La Princesita" Karina, a tropical singer who said that what conquered her was "her charisma, one of the most important weapons when it comes to having a career". He loves cumbia and recorded songs with the Los Leales group, who has a song in his honor, and has sung with Pablo Lescano, from Damas Free. He loves to play with Xbox with his childhood wife, Gustavo Galeron. He participated in the film "Torrente 4", by Santiago Segura in 2011 along with celebrities such as Belén Esteban, Kiko Rivera Pantoja, Kiko Matamoros, Ana Obregón and Eugenia Martinez de Irujo.

On its website, it has a headline that says "Give everything and fight to the end, always has its reward", and with Gabriel Milito collaborating on the construction of a state-of-the-art gym at the Villa Domínico property on the side of the South East Gate.

Frank Lampard, now DT in Derby County in Premiership and former teammates in Manchester City in the 2014/15 season, told how he was in practice: "He woke up in time." He didn't care, he was always completely carefree and walked out five minutes late, and the coaches used to tell him he was fined and he said "okay, no problem. Wait for the weekend, I score a triplet and we will everyone be happy ", in an interview for Sky Sports.
Today, Agüero continues its march, and what appeared to be a "Romario dude" is beating Shearer's record while continues to believe that it is possible to win a title with the Argentine national team.

Aguero's hattrick against Chelsea, who gave him a record

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