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Outrageous: They found a man abused a 12-year-old boy in the park

January 4, 2019

The witnesses of the deviant scene accuse the mother of having handed him over to this 65-year-old man. However, she refused everything.

Something really outrageous happened last Saturday in the province Mendozawhen a Man abused a 12-year-old boy in the middle of a park.

This happened around 17.30 on San Francisco de Asis Avenue before reaching San Vicente Bridge and the scene was watched a couple who went through the busy placewhere they saw the man with the youngest inside your vehicle.

According to the portal Andesen, the child is admitted to the Notti hospital. Witnesses to the site also rumored that it was actually the baby's mother who had delivered her son to this abusing 65 years old.

They did not go on her daughter's birthday because she was abused, and now her mother has achieved something exciting

When the couple found this in the park, they immediately took the child out of the abuser's car, and when the police arrived, they arrested the man. His surname would be Leiva and he had already been designated as "pedophile" by history of abuse.

But one of the strongest accusations was against the child's mother, who was accused of prostituting her son. By this she refused everything and said it was false: "They're pure lies, I don't know where they got from. I have a lot of anger and impotence, and they hurt me and my family. They've scribbled me everywhere. It's a very delicate thing to blame what they are accused of. "

So far, the Justice has not introduced a ban on the mother, and therefore she can visit her son who is interned in the hospital while the investigation of the case continues.

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