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PRO launched its campaign with the illusion of an economic rebound in 2019 – 12/10/2018

"When we take the clock, we do not know if a neighbor or bulldog comes out.

Rude man, Alfredo De Angeli splintered zen climate from the top of the PRO. Entrerriano asked for the microphone that Marcos Peña had offered and reproduced discomfort with those who "did not get the change".

the bulldogIn their main metaphor they are the anger of change, Those who, like Jorge, a acquaintance of her who had sawmills, heard a promise from Mauricio Macri, but he has just gone bankrupt.

Entrerriano, which dates from 125, was the toughest voice on the PRO Convention, which underwent the three years' management and implemented speach elections with promises of economic rebound and cultural convictions.

"A difference in this hard year was to never stop calling the clock," said Peña, hammering the idea of ​​"conversation", where the main character should be a neighbor not leading.

"You do not have to be insane: there is much to show and much to do in the next four years" The Chief of Staff pointed out in a "lesson" for the provincial delegates.

Listen to the other, transfer convictions and repeat the idea of ​​change and above all correct way. About the campaign he fascinated: What we did in 2015 and 2017 is not enough in 2019, he warned.

"It is in us to revive the convinced and convince those who doubt or are angry," he said, and seemed to blame De Angeli when he asked to study to know "why things are going wrong."

Escorted by Humberto Schiavoni, Gabriela Michetti and Patricia Bullrich, scored the Peña complainants – there were others, more diplomatic – and closed: "People will recognize us, and in the next ten more, we will create the virtuous circle".

Before and after Guillermo Dietrich and Dante Sica spoke: the first detailed "results" in the last three years; the other It predicted the economic benefits that De Angeli demanded in 2019.

For its party summit, macrismo-between coffee, brownies and fruit salad – is gathered in the Araucaria Room Parque Norte, a Trade Guild complex that manages more than three decades ago, Armado Cavalieri.

Without mentioning that, Sica and Bullrich spoke about "Gypsy". The minister regretted that the labor market reform failed and projected for Macris 'second term' a project where The ILO will act as arbitrator.

"A guild of 1.2 million workers, with an average age of 35 years, is driven by a person who is 84 years old," says Sica. Bullrich talked about businessmen who negotiate with guilds because they "always correct".

The minister was a magnet to Selfie, less required than María Eugenia Vidal, who was in the opening with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. He recently merged his party with PRO and climbed to the center's figure.

It was the most brave. He spoke of "Moyanos of Life" with reference to entrepreneurs and unions who do not want change and said that since 1930 for the first time, a "government without mafia characteristics will end its expression".

He pointed to the "dynasty" Kirchner: he said that they would turn over the power "Nestor, Cristina, Néstor, Maximus and Florence" and that when they leave the power, Kirchnerism touched the helicopter's ghost. He made A revelation: "For a moment we had some fear because of a crisis that we went through, but we are going back."

MIchetti was responsible for the final message: He said that Macris government is the best at least since "I'm in the state since 1988" and predicted that 2019 "we will be heading for good results and growth."

The PRO party restricted the resumption of party authorities and incorporated gender parity in one day full of female voices: Vidal with government certificates for Buenos Aires, Michetti, Bullrich and, among others, Carmen Polledo, who asked for Mauricio 2019.

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