Sunday , November 29 2020

Production of cars fell by 32.3% in January and exports by almost 30%

Data from January of the Association of Automotive Automotive (Adefa) shows that the production of cars in Argentina was 14,803 vehicles (cars and utilitarian), which is 27.7% less compared to December and 32.3% below performance in the same month last year (when 21,858 units were produced).

"January's move, with moves in December, leads to being very cautious about the behavior of the sector this year"he pointed out Luis Fernando Peláez Gamboa, president of Adefa, recalling that "in 2018, the market and industry began with an inertia that led to estimates of record volumes." But the financial turbulence led to the end of the year with sales and production numbers closer to the behavior of local historical averages. "

The automobile exported 7,403 vehicles, reflecting a decrease of 67.7% in relation to volume exported in December and a decrease of 28.9% compared to the same period last year.

In addition, monthly statistics showed sales to retailers of 30,038 units: a decrease of 38% in December and a decrease of 53.4% ​​in January 2018 (64,452).

"With the end of December and their extension in the first month, production fell, an effect seen in exports therefore, it remains to wait for the behavior of the market after the end of the first quarter. Meanwhile, we are continuing to work on new international negotiations and in the search for improving competitiveness, "added Peláez Gamboa.

The result of foreign trade in motor vehicles remained deficit but decreased by 60%, from red to 37,200 units to 14,897 in the first month, mainly due to the effect of contraction of imported shipments from 47,609 to 22,300 machines.

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