Monday , January 18 2021

Rebel Inc. comes to Android, the new strategy simulator from the creator of Plague Inc.

With more than 100 million players, Plague Inc. one of the best games in strategy and simulation. Now the creator wants to repeat this milestone with his new game Rebel Inc.

The spiritual successor of Plague Inc. came to iOS last December, but two months later we can already Download Rebel Inc. from Google Play.

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Rebel Inc. repeats formula to offer us another great strategy simulator, but instead of trying to extinguish humanity with a virus, we have in this new release Stabilize a country right out of a war.

Plague Inc.

In this strategy game we want balance military and civil priorities to get the citizens' confidence and thus prevent the rebels from seizing power.

To do this, through its six governors with different skills, it will stabilize five regions through innovative counterinsurgency tactics and fund realistic initiatives to strengthen local authorities. All in a very detailed world, with sophisticated narrative and tactical algorithms with a lot of AI.

Rebel Inc 2c.

Rebel Inc. It's free download with integrated purchases. Your micropayments allow us to unlock tricks, characters and regions that help us move forward in history. The game does not require an internet connection for playback.

Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc.

  • developer: Ndemic Creations
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • price: Free with integrated purchases
  • Category: simulation

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