Tuesday , August 3 2021

Recommendations for prevenir el Syndrome Urémico Hemolítico

El SUH is an infectious genera for una bacteria llamada eschichia col (E. coli), which can produce a toxin which is caused by a diarrhea sanguinolenta and powdery ocasionary complications with renal insufficiency, including inclusion and provocar la muerte. It looks like a grave, the mayor of the patient who is recovering from a tragedy and a time of recovery. Its embargo, including menus of 5 years, may be 75 years and persons with determinados cambios genetics, which is proprietary and highly pathologic and may be vulnerable to suspicion. The Hecho, the Syndrome Uremic Hemolithic Occasion, is about 20% of the total number of erectile dysfunction patients who require a ration.

¿Dónde's encuentra la toxina responsable del SUH? Se la puede encontrar, fundamentalmente, and carnes sin cocción completa. And this sentiment is that the car is the product of the Mayor Riesgo. Otros focuses on alerting people to pasteurizar and product elaborados and parts, including contamination of pilates and lagos, using coma lechuga, reprocessing otros vegetarians who consume crude and sonorous contaminants with heces. Además, hay que tener en cuenta que la enfermedad's pure propaganda and travels of contact with a person infected, by their own, the family of a family and a center of the guardian of the guardian infant.

In addition to his path, the diarrhea presents diarrhea sanguinolentas, dolores abdominales, vomitos, fever ocasional, fatigue, pequeños hematomas, sangrado por nariz o boca, disminución de orina, cuadros de confuciones and otros but there are serious deficiencies. The period of incubation is 3 to 9 days.

In respect, Dra Cecilia Avancini, Jefa de Pediatría de Vittal, compared the considerations of general and recomendaciones to the reduction of the incidence of Syndrome Urémico Hemolítico:

The cargo and product contaminants in E. coli are not available in any aspect, color or texture.

Already carne picada it is preferable to sea process and at the moment, ya can see that it is possible to enter into carne entera.

Already there are products and accessories, the pastor attends to the envelope and the fencas of the client and the client who does not pay for the gift.

No longer a conglomerate who is already descended, he is favored by contamination with microorganisms and posterior proliferation.

Descongelar los alimentos, fundamentals la carne, en la heladera y no temperature ambient, no approximate and una fente de calor or bajo el chorro de la canilla.

Asegurarse que, antes de cocinar el alimento, they have completed and descended, as far as to do with the piezas grandes.

No more comparison with cascara rota o sucia.

After consuming, she became pasteurizar.

Lavarse bien las manos antes de cocinar, comer, despues de ir al baño and despues de cambiar pañales.

Limpiar los utensilios y las superficies donde se prepara la comida.

Cocinar bien la carne.

Separate los alimentos crudos de los alimentos listos para consumer. No colocar carne cocida and platos and los que antes haya habido carne cruda.

Make detenidamente la fruta y la verdura antes de colocarla a la heladera.

The now pose agua corriente de red, again antes de usar.

No nadar and aguas contaminadas.

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