Friday , January 15 2021

Reunion of Maradona with his son Diego Fernando

Two and a half years have passed since last time Diego Maradona He was with Diego Fernando, the son he had with Verónica Ojeda in 2013. At that time, the national team came to different countries, but did not attend time with the child. "The absence of the father hit my son's health," the child's mother expressed in pain, which also said she has a maternity problem.

Now the meeting finally took place. Everything happened last Sunday, in the house, which El Diez rents in Nordelta. Gianinna Maradona contacted Ojeda to inform her that her father wanted to see his son. Although the relationship with his items is not the best, Dieguito's mother entered. The woman's brother was responsible for carrying it until the property of the football star.

The picture of the meeting between Maradona and his son.
The picture of the meeting between Maradona and his son.

According to witnesses of the expected reunion, the boy's face was amazed to see his father after so long. "How I missed you, Dad! I love you!", they assure who was there, it was Dieguito's words. Immediately they melted into a hug, played in the park and stayed together all day.

"Those who were witnesses say it was impressive, they say that Maradona melted as he saw his son. It was a moment of great emotion"Jorge Rial told invaders and shared the picture of Dieguito's visit to his father.

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