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Romina Pereiro, horrified by a publication by Magui Bravi: "It annoys me" – 02-06-2019

Several celebrities in the national show started promoting via a social network a powder, as they say, serves to reduce the absorption of calories from flour.

But the candidate in Nutrition Romina Pereiro (40), girlfriend of Jorge Rial (57), was furious to see a post about it as he did Magui Bravi (32) on his Instagram and the release was blunt.

According to the information that can be read on the network, is this new product to contains vegetable protein It is made based on natural ingredients and its main active component is a specific and purified phaseolamine nutrient.

"Its action reduces the calorie effect of starchy foods and also reduces glucose response"says the packaging of this supplement.

But some nutritionists like Pereiro do not assume the same, and here lies Controversy 2.0 It was released in the last few hours.

Posting of Magui Bravi, who ravaged Romina Pereiro. (Instagram)

Posting of Magui Bravi, who ravaged Romina Pereiro. (Instagram)

"Today is my favorite snack: Chocotorta! My specialty with Satial Food helps to not absorb up to 75% of the flour to keep me in shape. I got @satialfood in all pharmacies and in @nutrisuplear ", wrote the dancer and choreographer in his social network, which has 900,000 followers on Instagram.

In this respect, Rial's future wife is since his appearance in the bike Material of weight she is remembered for her advice to have a rich, easy and healthy diet, It came out with the tips on the product that says "absorb up to 75% of the flour" It is consumed.

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"It's been a while since I've been annoyed to see this kind of publications where Not only misinform, confused and false expectations are created in relation to public health"he began to say the license in nutrition in his extensive text.

And advanced: "Many celebrities make this type of advertising because they are paid without knowing the damage that can cause".

Jorge Rial's future wife pointed to the product promoted by the dancer. (Instagram)

Jorge Rial's future wife pointed to the product promoted by the dancer. (Instagram)

Thereafter, the nutritionist wrote four points on this type of "dietary powder" and recommended: "The #infoxication (false and toxic non-medical information). DON'T GET PRICES OF DIETARY MARKET! Learn to take care of yourself by adding healthy habits to your life. And if you want to lose weight, consult a professional. "

Finally he judged: "I learned to take care of you by adding healthy habits to your life. And if you want to lose weight, contact a professional. Ah! Something to clarify: this post is not & # 39; against & # 39; anyone. The picture is one of many that are out there by many famous ones. Posting is against a message that is considered highly harmful by a professional. "

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"The diet of polvito" or "carbohydrate inhibitor" wins more and more supporters among politicians and entertainment members: Moria Casán. Carmen Barbieri. Amado Boudou. Nancy Duplaá. Matias Aléand Bravi himself among others they promote it and it seems that they are already using it.

Meanwhile, many nutritionists like Pereiro do not recommend it. "I'm betting on informing and educating the few who can explain it The solution is not to stop absorbing nutrients that we eatbut change what we eat and how we eat it, "said the journalist's couple.

It should be noted that according to the data in social networks, this product has approved the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and with endorsement by Argentine Society of Obesity and Eating Disorders (SAOTA).

Meanwhile, in Argentina, you can buy pharmacies and dietetics from other companies. Its price varies from 1,000 but various campaigns are offered for which You can get it to less than 800.

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