Tuesday , January 26 2021

Romina Pereiro never spoke of the intimacy of her relationship with Jorge Rial before

When they blew their pardon, Romina Pereio and Jorge Rial try to maintain the low profile. Therefore, be aware that the nutritionist opens your heart and tells the intimacies of the relationship.

"Jorge is my boyfriend, He suggested not to marry me and we formally did not formally speak at all times. I do not feel love should sign a paper, maybe it's nice to celebrate and always have a nice party, "said Romina Pereiro in dialogue with Agarrate Catalina to La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad.

For example, he said: "The relationship went very slowly, as well as integration of families, but there was no strategy, but it was step by step taking into account the times for the girls, the mine and his. Jorge is super romantic and super attentive, he is a classic gentleman. Live with romantic movements. "

He added: "With Rochi (Rial) we live together, she is a genius and has a beautiful mood. It takes barbaric with my daughtersbut they also fight, and I kill myself with laughter. My daughters are 5 and 7, Rochi is 19 ".

Then he referred to the conflict in Rial with his daughter: "I feel I did not have time to meet Morena when it happened, I ran from the center and accompanied his father. My idea was to help him and contain him, if his father was strong, that should help that she was too. I thought my place was accompanied by the situation without communicating it, it is a question between father and daughter. They recompile the relationship gradually and enjoy the pregnancy. ".

Consulted, if this situation motivated the entry of its foreigners, it confirmed: "A little bit of the two things needed some time to be calm and it is also motivated with other projects. It was a mix of both".

Then he was asked if they wanted a child: "For now no, imagine everything we live for a year and a half. My daughters are still small and I work hard. None of us feel like an immediate project. "

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