Tuesday , November 24 2020

S & P Merval cuts line of pitch to the thread; land risk gets almost 3%

The S&P Merval Index for Argentine Stock Exchanges (BYMA) declined 1.1% to 37.070 units, after winning 7% in the previous seven business rounds.

Among the most falling stocks are Supervielle (-2.7%), Transportadora de Gas del Norte (-2.4%) and Cablevisión (-2.1%).

"Probably at some point the market will be slightly or lateralized, which should not scare us, but would be a logical response to the strong rise being presented in a short time"said Santiago Abdala of personal portfolio.

"We insist that the positive signals from both the local situation and the external scenario make us positive about future developments, in addition to the volatility expected by election security in a few months," he added.

It is worth remembering that yesterday's S & P Merval index rose 0.8%, close to 37.471.67 points, very close to its intraday historical maximum of 37.497.20 points.

Fixed income and country risk

In the interest rate segment, however, the dollar bonds continue their bullish bullish with generalized increases. In this framework, 2020 Bonar wins 0.8%; Bonar 2024 goes up a little 0.1%; The pair jumps 1.7% and the half-year bonus is 0.3%.

In another order, the US dollar bonds fall under the New York Act up to 0.9%.

As far as the peso tranche is concerned, the market remains expected for this Wednesday's bid for BONCER 2020 (TC20) for an amount of up to $ 15,000, which, in view of the expiry of this week's AF19 for $ 108,000, appears to be small, estimated by SBS group established.

the Argentine country risk this Wednesday rose 2.8% to 653 units, from its lowest level for almost three months.

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