Thursday , December 3 2020

Santiago del Moro: "The day I had to interview Mauricio Macri with my wife, we lost a pregnancy"

"Today this afternoon I dropped a few tears, something that didn't happen long ago, it will be a difficult day," he began.

Santiago del Moro

, which after a decade headed for


he decided
Take a step aside and continue your career away from the program. "I've finished a cycle the same way I started it. Now it's been ten years of growth, both professional and personal, leaving my life with my colleagues and learning from each of them."

The driver who moves to Telefe was visibly excited to start his latest program. "The beauty of Intratable is that different attitudes coexist in it, so people will come on television and shout their beliefs," he reflected. "There are few journalists who have not been involved in this study."

The abandonment of the sentimental part of the page continued the broadcast with a bit of timeliness. A report on the Christmas cheese of President Mauricio Macris and another on the prosecution of Cristina Kirchner led to the debate among the panelists, as happens in each question.

Personal reflections

"Today I want to sit here as a guest," said Del Moro, before taking a sidewalk and preparing to comment on current affairs. "I never fell into the crack because I never believed anyone, I always feel that everyone is lying to me."

Gradually, his classmates began asking questions about him who triggered memories of the program. "The most exciting moment was when Stiusso rang," he fired. "The most beautiful moment … there were many, every time I had the opportunity to meet great people: Héctor Larrea, Cacho Fontana, Graciela Fernández Mejide … so many things happened".

Before presenting a video that summed up his ten years before the bike, Santiago recalled how he came to television, the most popular news program in recent years. "Intratables started as a summer program, where we were to say the five news a day, but suddenly we saw that the consequence was that small and small people from both sides of the crack gathered on this floor and the program grew" he remembered emotionally. "I started in a music program, I continued in the world of celebrities, and I entered the politics world through the window, I never consider myself part of this".

During the conversation, he was given by his colleagues, the driver was urged to share his privacy, that none of those working with him knew. "The day I had to interview Mauricio Macri with my wife we ​​lost a pregnancy, it seems to be a metaphor of life that is good, bad and what is not seen," she said with her eyes filled with Tears. And she continued with the story: "It was a very new pregnancy a few weeks ago, she was going to make an ultrasound and I had to go and do the note when she suddenly called me to tell me. I came to Olivos under these circumstances, and I thought I should be a professional, and that was what I did, but it was a very painful moment. "

This professionalism, which the driver transferred over the last few years, is because he appreciated the place he occupied every day. "I dreamed of this since I was 11 years old and was in my town when I came here, I found very educated and well-read people, I have my studies but compared to those who came here and I would never leave as if it were not, "he explained before his companion eye. "During those years, I went through it and surfed it as best I could, all of us here end up falling into the traps of intratables that catch you and you end up being hooked."

As there were minutes to complete the broadcast, Del Moro took a drink and was ready to bowl the cycle that came to an end. "I offer intratables and for my colleagues, I do not want to mention people because when someone names, they always forget someone, but I would like to thank Daniel Vila, who gave me the freedom to work and the opportunity to do this program. To all, thank you, "he said, looking at them around him before ordering with the production team. "Can I make the picture of myself by leaving?" He asked. And when the light went down, he slowly went toward the study door. "As one day we meet in this house because America is our home."

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