Sunday , January 24 2021

Santiagueños activities for the day for the congenital heart disease

On February 14, the day of congenital heart disease has been reminded at international level. In our province, a family of santiagueños who are part of the "Different Beats" group will carry out activities at the provincial and national level to raise awareness. The organization from Santiago prepares an event in Plaza Libertad to be held on Saturday, 16:00. 19:00. Under the motto "You can live with another heart," the members of the movement are preparing live music, the Academy's dance performances and a red balloon release, which symbolizes support for early diagnosis.

"Cardio Law"
"Different Beats" performs an important campaign to increase the so-called "Ley Cardio". For this reason, they were also invited to the Garrahan Hospital to attend the first family meeting held at the hospital on the 14th. With the support of famous local doctors, who will travel on behalf of the province and the group is María Jiménez. The same will take place in a hearing on the 13th, at the National Congress.
The initiative aims at early discovery of the disease and complete medical coverage in both public and private health, since "heart disease is the second leading cause of neonatal death across the country, over 7,000 children with this pathology born in Argentina and 170 to 200 in Santiago del Estero , "assured the multimedia.
On the 14th, in Garrahan, there will be talk with the families about statistics and dissemination, as it is the first time that all of the country's families have met.

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