Saturday , January 16 2021

Seven cases of autochthonous dengue confirmed in southern Rosario

The municipal health secretariat confirmed on Tuesday the presence of seven cases of native dengue in the southern area of ​​Rosario.

Leonardo Caruana, the owner of the area, confirmed you 12 to 14 (El Tres) that "last week we had people with flu-like conditions and strong muscle pain behind the eyes and headless without coughing or cold, and the final diagnosis is dengue without a travel story ".

The patients are "young adults and minors, with intense symptoms, but all have developed positively, some have needed to listen to hospitals in the south."

"We had a year of intense heat and heavy rain. We have more than five regions with autochthonous dengue circulation. The weight and mosquito are in the city since 2009, and we're working on preventing this disease," Caruana continued.

The Minister of Health said that the municipality intervenes for apples with a special protocol and with "three basic interventions: the search for fever and studies, rejection and smoking in homes."

"In every neighborhood"

The official warned that "Aedes Aegypti is in every neighborhood." Therefore, he insisted that people should be discarded because the mosquito "does not live in pastures or grassland, but rather seeks domiciles with clean water, especially in the yards." It can be from a lid with water to a bottle cap.

"This is a beneficial summer for the disease, and in the country it also circulates," Caruana acknowledged.

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