Wednesday , January 27 2021

She stated that the girl was raped by her grandmother's partner, and now the justice determines whether she authorizes the interruption of pregnancy

The 11-year-old girl from Tucuman, raped by her grandmother's boyfriend, said Monday in the Gesell chamber where she confirmed sexual assault. The victim, who is pregnant, must wait for the judge's decision to gain access to the legal interruption of pregnancy (IIe).

According to legal sources of the case, he spoke with the authorities for an hour and she was admitted to a hospital to receive medical and psychological care of specialists.

Regarding the possibility of access to legal abortion contemplated in the event of a violation of the Criminal Code, the Executive Secretary of the Provincial Health System, Conrado Mosquera, stated that justice must take action anyway.

The official said that following compliance with legal steps, health professionals should confirm whether the child's life is not in danger in case of interruption of pregnancy

So far, the victim I would not have indicated if you would interrupt. In this case, their parents or guardians must validate it. Although this last point could cause complications. Her mother lost time when it was confirmed that her partner had abused her other daughters. And her grandmother, who had her responsibility, could lose custody after the complaint about her boyfriend.

Prosecutor Adriana Giannoni, who will intervene if it is decided to terminate the pregnancy, awaits official confirmation of the condition of girls and details of the pregnancy date. Initially It was said that it was 16 weeks, and now it is speculated that it could be more than 20.

The victim's victim had reported the incident in the province's eastern regional unit. According to her story, the accused complained to her when she was alone with the girl in the house, where she lives with her grandmother in the municipality of 7 de Abril, located in the Burruyacú department.

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