Friday , December 4 2020

She was three years old, she spoke meningococcus and had to have her leg amputated

Anabella is the name of the girl to be served in the last few hours. It is a very rare disease in our country.

A three-year girl was contracted Cordova The meningococcal bacteria, which caused a gangrene that hit his lower extremities. In the last few hours, the Children's Hospital's medical community rescued the life of a girl who contracted meningococci. Her name is Anabella, and because of this disease and the gangrene in development, both legs had to be amputated.

It is a rare disease in our country that affects some 250 persons approx. yearly and it is contracted by respiratory tract. The carriers are people who carry the bacteria in the throat.

In the specific case of the child she has contracted a while ago and after a few days in the emergency hospital she had to be transferred to the hospital.children's Hospital. His two legs were amputated and he is in full recovery.

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Consulted by the morning display, the infectist Andrés Gomila, said that since 2017 a vaccine against the bacterium was included in the National Immunization Calendar. But in the special case of Anabella she identified herself as one meningococcus b, germ, for which there is no coverage in the calendar.

After the operation, the girl must remain hospitalized and her parents find it very difficult to confront the situation financially. His father is unemployed and his mother is a housewife.

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Anyone who wants to work with the little girl and her family can communicate with her mother. Her name is Jennifer Vásquez and the phone number to help is 3517472686.


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