Thursday , June 17 2021

Skin cancer: some tips to prevent this fatal disease

The recent statement by former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres about her skin cancer has generated a sensitization among the population regarding this disease, so it is necessary to take into account some advice to help us avoid this lethal disease.

Although the summer day is the hardest for the skin, due to the long exposure to the sun, it is worth remembering that prevention should be taken into account throughout the year, as exposure to ultraviolet rays has fatal skin effects.

In recent years, the incidence of skin cancer in the world has increased. The first advice is to carry out the self-examination, which allows early detection. Also, the photovoltaic measures that include the use of sunscreen will serve to prevent.

Another important advice is to avoid sunburn at very young age and exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) as they are responsible for the earliest presentation of skin cancer. As recommended by specialists.

The first advice is to avoid prolonged sun protection, so it is advisable to be careful with sunbathing between 9am in the morning and 4am in the afternoon. Also avoid tanning and surpass the use of sunglasses.

Also, examining your skin can be a good habit that you can avoid the disease because in this process are identified lesions, changes in appearance or permanent bleeding.

According to the experts, the following tips will be able to prevent skin cancer in time, prevent follow-up and even death from this cause.

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