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Sofía Zámolo confessed that she shared two men with Luciana Salazar and one cheats her with her

In Wrongly, the model showed that an ex with whom he left two years was cheating on Luli. And it wasn't the only one in common!

Sofia Zámolo and her confession in Wrong about Luciana Salazar:

An unexpected confession of Sofia Zámolo It shot in You're wrong when Moria Casán He examined a rivalry that held the model Luciana Salazar. Without twists, the driver hit the issue at point-blank range and her panelist ended up revealing that they shared two girlfriends and that for one of them she was fooled by Luli.

"You've always had a fight with Salazar for chongos. I now ask you that Camila is not there, the sister in the program. Even though her sister resumed, I ask, but I remembered now," Moria started. "In Conrad in Punta del Este, they told me they were fighting for a man, for a chongo," he insisted, allowing Sofia to respond to the bomb. "We share two men with Luli," he said, while his fellow players celebrated the incident.

"We had two stories with Luli, in one I dated an American, and Luli was abusive, he was very nice, super attractive, and there was a seduction from both of them."

"We had two stories. In one, I was dating an American and Luli behaved badly. We were young, I was 20 years old," he revealed, laughing as he made "cuernitos" in his head. "I met him on a polo fight here in Argentina. I put on my girlfriend, I was two years old," he recalled. "He was very handsome, super attractive, and there was a seduction from both of them. I was a girlfriend with him so that the bad guy was him. But I knew Luli from the parades, I found her everywhere," he said. about the cause of the hostility.

"He made the mistake of leaving the computer open in the house we shared, he went to live with his friends, and he had written an email to his friends telling them, and with pictures of her he told everything with luxury details" .

How did Sofia find out about her adultery? "He made the mistake of leaving the computer open in the house we shared in Tortugas. He went to play an exercise with his friends and saw that men are messy. Sometimes you are crazy … because it's fun to tell friends than just the act itself, "he recalled. "He had written an email to his friends telling them and with pictures of her. He had everything with luxury details," he detailed, while Moria asked him to reveal details of the meeting that had happened "in her apartment in Nuñez. ".

"I left unfaithful and I continued as a fool with him." Luli didn't want anything, but now it's a love, and time has passed, he swore to me that he invented friends. It was right and I cut with the guy. "

The model said, however, that despite her discovery, she chose to believe in him: "The first was unfaithful, and I followed him as a fool. Luli did not want anything, but now it is a love and time has passed. He swore to me. He invented friends, he was 20 years old, and I would believe in him, "he reminded, but he soon realized the truth. "She told a make-up artist in Show Match I was just my brother's friend. Later I found out that it was right, and I cut the guy, "he said, arguing that his anger with Luli was because he was without friends." I shared dinner and parade with her, "but he was angry." Today I have super good vibes with her, "he noted.

"The other one is not known, I had been with him a couple of times before he had been with her a few times, and when I divorced, he was with her again".

Sofia also told about the other man she has in common with Luciana: "The other I can't say because he didn't tell it. The other didn't shoot me, but I can't say it because I can eat a criminal case," said he. "It's not known. Before I became a girlfriend with him, he'd been with her a couple of times, and when I divorced, he was with her again," he concluded. Sofia Zámolo. What does it mean Luciana Salazar?

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