Wednesday , July 28 2021

Sol Pérez accused De Brito of treating her as a "trola"

The ratio between Sol Pérez and Ángel de Brito continues to crack and, despite many times, things do not happen too big, the journalist and the model can not be seen.

Now, she used her Twitter account to accuse Angel and the members of her program (Los Angeles tomorrow), to harass her

To support the blame, the blonde added a video to Twitter. "AHere are some of the videos of harassment that I get in LAM, in this @AngeldebritoOk I treat you … "You have to do a search on Sol Perez, players come out, leave everything in there", say nothing"he wrote next to the shared material.

Of course, Angel did not try to fall: "You are the one who used to talk about the players you meet. For example, what about Palacios who told you? Cartier as the poisonous player sent you can you give it back? How do we find out the topic? Stop inventing and turning to sacrifice yourself. Stop making paper @ SolPerez. Go to the exercise you really need"Tweeted the communicator.

As expected, the sun's retruka came: "Where is the distortion? Everything is clear in the video, I said nothing, you said it. My life does not go through Bailando, maybe yours. And I can leave with 25 thousand if I want, it will not give you the right to treat me at all. I hope you take it into account. Kiss. If you make a search for Sol Perez players leave, it will all come out. Your words, not mine. And it's sad that you join who I left, because I have the right to do what I want and you do not have to deal with anything"He wrote.

Source: Primicias Ya


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