Sunday , June 13 2021

Sol Pérez and the hottest video to "kill" sadness on a Sunday

We already know what Sol Pérez does when she's bored: she's trying to bikini, is in the corridor in her apartment and It maintains its 3.6 million followers at Instagram. As he had done a few months ago, the media felt a home-made video where he just boasted his incredible figure, without a filter or retouching.

In the clip, Sun is shown with a military green bikini from an angle played and announces: "When you get bored on a Sunday night."

They are less than 30 seconds pure sensuality, but they were probably too will release a heated debate in Sol's account. The pro-hot praised her for showing her body without self-censorship, while the opposite side criticized her for her continued exposure.

Warning: The video may not be appropriate to look at the job!

two celebrities seemed bank sun. Nati Jota appealed to sincericidio: "I'm getting bored but with a little less c …" and Melina Lezcano asked amazed: "If I get bored I get all that?" The former climate girl also received the proposal from Lizardo Ponce: "I came to drill you home." And Jey Mammon is crowned with an absurd question: "The video you do with the cell or with the iPad?".

This weekend, in addition to evaluating bikini for the summer, Sol hit hard with Ángel de Brito. The media shared a video on Twitter that assures them to treat her as a "trola" in Morning angels. In that clip you hear the driver say: "If you do a search for Sol Perez, the players will come out, leave everything." The Brito accused her of inventing and sending her to practice Dance 2018.

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