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Started seasonal sales of reals: people "buy less quantity" – Economy

The summer season is approaching, and although the change is not as convenient as in previous years, many still choose to travel to Brazil to spend their holidays.

In this context, the change house in Paraná since this week has recorded a marked increase in demand, and daily extensive customer groups are willing to buy real, which yesterday cost 11 pesos for purchase and 9 pesos for sale. Up to a week ago, the Brazilian currency could be reached at 9.75 pesos, but its value has risen in recent days to the rhythm of demand; And compared to last year, the increase was remarkable: at the end of December 2017, it was around 6.95 for those who wanted to buy and 5.95 for sale.

Milagros Kuroski, head of the Valuar branch of the capital of Entre Ríos, said "this is the time for the greatest demand for reals, which is the currency that leads sales, and there was also more demand for dollars," he says. one.

He noted, however, that seasonal sales of the currency in the neighboring country usually begin to rise around December 15, but this time it was postponed slightly and started this week: "From Tuesday it started to be more influx of people" He said while he analyzed: "The same number of people come, but unlike last year, the purchase of the currency is less in nominal terms."

He said the amounts required are different: "There are operations ranging from 30 reais to 3,000 reais, the average ticket is between 500 and 700 reais per person," he said, noting that the higher demand for the real is Registered during this period it extends to the first fourteen of January and the last days of the first month of the year with the replacement of tourists. "Already in February, the movement is beginning to fall markedly," he said.

As for the dollar, he said: "During the year, the dollar was a much-needed currency, especially because of the fluctuations it has had. People are always looking for shelter, both for vacation and for taxing what is now the bonus, so You can get an extra for next year because there are many people who have not yet planned or decided on the holiday of the holiday but save in dollars for something.

However, he stated: "In terms of the number of people who came to buy dollars, it was more punctual this week, but in the first weeks of December, the movement was lower, and in general it was for foreign currency there. sales: We are talking about each person buying less quantity, the average was reduced, and we have a reduction of three to four times less than last year. "
Compared to other currencies that were also in great demand in recent years, he said: "The Chilean Peso ceased directly to have demand." This year, there were few operations with this currency, but for travel related to sporting events or problems with these characteristics, and not for holidays in that country. "

"In connection with the Uruguayan peso, it sells much less than in 2017, as fewer trips to Uruguay, but there is also much more acceptance of the Argentine peso and dollar." We know from the testimony of customers that in general, when they bring dollars to Brazil, it is very difficult to change them or they have to do an extra procedure: in Uruguay, the dollar is taken in every trade and then people buy a couple of Uruguayan pesos to travel to the country. "

On the other hand, the constant fluctuations in the currencies generated, unlike other times, bought with credit cards and even with the debit is not so practical, and therefore those who travel to Brazil choose to get cash for face daily expenses incurred with other destinations abroad. "You used to buy more with a credit card when you went to another country, we think you now prefer to play it safely, since the last two major devaluations, both from the previous government and one, have been in the summer, collective memory of the people and indeed what makes everyone want to make sure that the exchange rate or the amount of foreign currency at the time of travel, and it also motivates slightly the current purchase, "Kuroski explained.

On the other hand, it is said that the end of next year following the approval of the FIU's (Financial Information Unit) extension will maximize the maximum amount that can be acquired by presenting only the identity document without the need for other evidence supporting the fund's origins: "We do not have a minimum purchase but a maximum set by a FIU regulation, which in 2019 will extend the limit of 100,000 to 200,000 pesos a month and 150,000 to 400,000 pesos this year," he explained.

More offers

Although there was a greater demand for dollars in Paraná in these days and on other specific dates, Kuroski told us that there was also an unusual currency offer: "This year there was a record that has never happened before, since the branch's opening , more dollars are bought on the market than they are sold, and we have had periods without pesos, except for the last week that there was seasonal demand, in the last two months we had many people selling their dollars, "he said .

In this context, he concluded: "To prove the client's testimony, this is due to the fact that the small savings they had saved are used to pay off debts which, with current interest rates, become much heavier or direct because of the rise in prices and wage value in Instead of saving, it uses support to fulfill obligations. "

$ 11 Is the price of real-estate sales in Paraná, the currency most in demand in the last week. Those planning to travel to Brazil to spend a few days on holiday understand that it is more convenient to use cash and not so much the credit card or debit card.

$ 39.10 It's the price of the dollar for sale yesterday in Paraná. The recorded subsequent increase increases throughout the year and doubles its value. Many of those who have already received their half-yearly bonus prefer to use it for the purchase of that currency as a saving.

$ 45.25 This is the price at which the euro is traded in the capital of Entre Ríos. Until mid-year, he had on average 30 pesos, and although it is not the time of greatest demand, those who have already planned a trip to Europe have taken advantage of the bonus to acquire that currency.

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